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The meaning of Tent in the Bible
(From Easton's Bible Dictionary)

  • Heb. 'ohel (Genesis 9:21,27). This word is used also of a dwelling or habitation (I Kings 8:66; Isaiah 16:5; Jeremiah 4:20), and of the temple (Ezekiel 41:1). When used of the tabernacle, as in I Kings 1:39, it denotes the covering of goat's hair which was placed over the mishcan.

  • Heb. mishcan (Cant 1:8), used also of a dwelling (Job 18:21; Psalms 87:2), the grave (Isaiah 22:16; comp 14:18), the temple (Psalms 46:4; 84:2; 132:5), and of the tabernacle (Exodus 25:9; 26:1; 40:9; Numbers 1:50,53; 10:11). When distinguished from 'ohel, it denotes the twelve interior curtains which lay upon the framework of the tabernacle (q.v.).

  • Heb. kubbah (Numbers 25:8), a dome-like tent devoted to the impure worship of Baal-peor.

  • Heb. succah (II Samuel 11:11), a tent or booth made of green boughs or branches (see Genesis 33:17; Leviticus 23:34,42; Psalms 18:11; Jonah 4:5; Isaiah 4:6; Nehemiah 8:15-17, where the word is variously rendered).

    Jubal was "the father of such as dwell in tents" (Genesis 4:20). The patriarchs were "dwellers in tents" (Genesis 9:21,27; 12:8; 13:12; 26:17); and during their wilderness wanderings all Israel dwelt in tents (Exodus 16:16; Deuteronomy 33:18; Joshua 7:24). Tents have always occupied a prominent place in Eastern life (I Samuel 17:54; 2Kings 7:7; Psalms 120:5; Cant 1:5). Paul the apostle's occupation was that of a tent-maker (Acts 18:3); i.e., perhaps a maker of tent cloth.

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