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Strong's #3372: yare' (pronounced yaw-ray')

a primitive root; to fear; morally, to revere; caus. to frighten:--affright, be (make) afraid, dread(-ful), (put in) fear(-ful, -fully, -ing), (be had in) reverence(-end), X see, terrible (act, -ness, thing).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:


1) to fear, revere, be afraid

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to fear, be afraid

1a2) to stand in awe of, be awed

1a3) to fear, reverence, honour, respect

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be fearful, be dreadful, be feared

1b2) to cause astonishment and awe, be held in awe

1b3) to inspire reverence or godly fear or awe

1c) (Piel) to make afraid, terrify

2) (TWOT) to shoot, pour

Part of Speech: verb

Relation: a primitive root


This word is used 334 times:

Genesis 3:10: "thy voice in the garden, and I was afraid, because I was naked; and I hid myself."
Genesis 15:1: "Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield,"
Genesis 18:15: "I laughed not; she was afraid. And he said, Nay; but thou didst laugh."
Genesis 19:30: "daughters with him; for he feared to dwell in Zoar: and he dwelt"
Genesis 20:8: "things in their ears: and the men were sore afraid."
Genesis 21:17: "and said unto her, What aileth thee, Hagar? fear not; for God hath heard"
Genesis 26:7: "is my sister: for he feared to say, She is my wife; lest, said he, the men"
Genesis 26:24: "am the God of Abraham thy father: fear not, for I am with"
Genesis 28:17: " And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this this is none"
Genesis 28:17: "And he was afraid, and said, How dreadful is this this is none"
Genesis 31:31: "and said to Laban, Because I was afraid: for I said, Peradventure thou wouldest take by force"
Genesis 32:7: "Then Jacob was greatly afraid and distressed: and he divided that"
Genesis 32:11: "from the hand for I fear him, lest he will come"
Genesis 35:17: "labor, that the midwife said unto her, Fear not; thou shalt have this son also."
Genesis 42:35: "the bundles of money, they were afraid."
Genesis 43:18: "And the men were afraid, because they were brought into Joseph's and they said, Because of"
Genesis 43:23: "And he said, Peace be to you, fear not: your God, of your father, hath given"
Genesis 46:3: "am God, the God of thy father: fear not to go down into Egypt;"
Genesis 50:19: "And Joseph said unto them, Fear not: am I in the place"
Genesis 50:21: "Now therefore fear ye not: I will nourish And he comforted them, and spoke"
Exodus 1:17: "But the midwives feared God, and did as the king"
Exodus 1:21: "And it came to pass, because the midwives feared that he made them houses."
Exodus 2:14: "the Egyptian? And Moses feared, and said, Surely this thing is known."
Exodus 3:6: "hid his face; for he was afraid to look upon God."
Exodus 9:20: " He that feared the word of the LORD among the servants made"
Exodus 9:30: "I know that ye will not yet fear the LORD God."
Exodus 14:10: "marched after them; and they were sore afraid: and the children of Israel cried out unto"
Exodus 14:13: "said unto the people, Fear stand still, and see"
Exodus 14:31: "did upon the Egyptians: and the people feared the LORD, and believed the LORD,"
Exodus 15:11: "glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders?"
Exodus 20:20: "said unto the people, Fear for God is come"
Exodus 34:10: "of the LORD: for it is a terrible thing that I will do with"
Exodus 34:30: "the skin of his face shone; and they were afraid to come nigh"
Leviticus 19:3: " Ye shall fear every man his mother, and his father, and keep I am the LORD"
Leviticus 19:14: "before the blind, but shalt fear thy God: I am the LORD."
Leviticus 19:30: "Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: am the LORD."
Leviticus 19:32: "the hoary head, and honor the face and fear thy God: I"
Leviticus 25:17: "one another; but thou shalt fear thy God: for I"
Leviticus 25:36: "usury of him, or increase: but fear thy God; that thy brother"
Leviticus 25:43: "Thou shalt not rule over him with rigor; but shalt fear thy God."
Leviticus 26:2: "Ye shall keep my sabbaths, and reverence my sanctuary: am the LORD."
Numbers 12:8: "of the LORD shall he behold: wherefore then were ye not afraid to speak against my servant Moses?"
Numbers 14:9: "not ye against the LORD, neither fear ye the people of the land;"
Numbers 14:9: "from them, and the LORD is with us: fear them not."
Numbers 21:34: "said unto Moses, Fear for I have delivered him into thy hand,"
Deuteronomy 1:19: "all great and terrible wilderness, which ye saw"
Deuteronomy 1:21: "God of thy fathers hath said unto thee; fear not, neither be discouraged."
Deuteronomy 1:29: "you, Dread not, neither be afraid of"
Deuteronomy 2:4: "of Esau, which dwell in Seir; and they shall be afraid of you: take ye good heed unto yourselves therefore:"
Deuteronomy 3:2: "And the LORD said unto me, Fear him not: I will deliver him, and all"

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