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Strong's #3947: laqach (pronounced law-kakh')

a primitive root; to take (in the widest variety of applications):--accept, bring, buy, carry away, drawn, fetch, get, infold, X many, mingle, place, receive(-ing), reserve, seize, send for, take (away, -ing, up), use, win.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:


1) to take, get, fetch, lay hold of, seize, receive, acquire, buy, bring, marry, take a wife, snatch, take away

1a) (Qal)

1a1) to take, take in the hand

1a2) to take and carry along

1a3) to take from, take out of, take, carry away, take away

1a4) to take to or for a person, procure, get, take possession of, select, choose, take in marriage, receive, accept

1a5) to take up or upon, put upon

1a6) to fetch

1a7) to take, lead, conduct

1a8) to take, capture, seize

1a9) to take, carry off

1a10) to take (vengeance)

1b) (Niphal)

1b1) to be captured

1b2) to be taken away, be removed

1b3) to be taken, brought unto

1c) (Pual)

1c1) to be taken from or out of

1c2) to be stolen from

1c3) to be taken captive

1c4) to be taken away, be removed

1d) (Hophal)

1d1) to be taken unto, be brought unto

1d2) to be taken out of

1d3) to be taken away

1e) (Hithpael)

1e1) to take hold of oneself

1e2) to flash about (of lightning)

Part of Speech: verb

Relation: a primitive root


This word is used 966 times:

Genesis 2:15: "And the LORD God took the man, and put him into the garden of Eden"
Genesis 2:21: "upon Adam, and he slept: and he took one of his ribs, and closed up"
Genesis 2:22: "the LORD God had taken from man, made he a woman,"
Genesis 2:23: "she shall be called Woman, because she was taken out of Man."
Genesis 3:6: "and a tree to be desired to make one wise, she took of the fruit thereof, and did eat, and gave"
Genesis 3:19: "the ground; for out of it wast thou taken: for dust thou art, and unto"
Genesis 3:22: "lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life,"
Genesis 3:23: "to till the ground from whence he was taken."
Genesis 4:11: "hath opened her mouth to receive thy brother's blood from thy hand;"
Genesis 4:19: "And Lamech took wives: the name of the one was Adah, and the name"
Genesis 5:24: "and he was not; for God took"
Genesis 6:2: "that they were fair; and they took them wives of all which"
Genesis 6:21: " And take thou food that is eaten, and thou shalt gather"
Genesis 7:2: "Of every clean thou shalt take to thee by sevens, the male"
Genesis 8:9: "earth: then he put forth his hand, and took her, and pulled her in unto him into"
Genesis 8:20: "built unto the LORD; and took of every clean beast,"
Genesis 9:23: "And Shem and Japheth took a garment, and laid it upon both"
Genesis 11:29: "And Abram and Nahor took them wives: the name of Abram's wife was Sarai;"
Genesis 11:31: "And Terah took Abram his son, and Lot the son of Haran"
Genesis 12:5: "And Abram took Sarai his wife, and Lot his brother's son,"
Genesis 12:15: "her before Pharaoh: and the woman was taken into Pharaoh's house."
Genesis 12:19: "saidst is my sister? so I might have taken her to me to wife: now therefore behold thy wife,"
Genesis 12:19: "now therefore behold thy wife, take her, and go thy way."
Genesis 14:11: " And they took the goods of Sodom and Gomorrah, and all their victuals,"
Genesis 14:12: " And they took Abram's brother's son, who dwelt"
Genesis 14:21: "Abram, Give me the persons, and take the goods"
Genesis 14:23: "take from a thread a shoelatchet, and that I will not take any thing"
Genesis 14:24: "Eshcol, and Mamre; let them take their portion."
Genesis 15:9: "And he said unto him, Take me an heifer of three years old, and a she goat of three years old, and a ram"
Genesis 15:10: " And he took unto him these, and divided them in the midst, and laid each"
Genesis 16:3: "And Sarai Abram's took Hagar her maid the Egyptian,"
Genesis 17:23: "And Abraham took Ishmael his son, and all that were born in his house,"
Genesis 18:4: "Let a little water, be fetched, and wash your feet, and rest yourselves under"
Genesis 18:5: " And I will fetch a morsel and comfort ye your hearts; after that ye shall pass on: for"
Genesis 18:7: "ran the herd, and fetched a calf tender and good,"
Genesis 18:8: " And he took butter, and the calf which he had dressed, and set"
Genesis 19:14: "unto his sons-in-law, which married his daughters, and said, Up, get you out"
Genesis 19:15: "Lot, saying, Arise, take thy wife, and thy two daughters,"
Genesis 20:2: "king of Gerar sent, and took Sarah."
Genesis 20:3: "for the woman which thou hast taken; for she is a man's wife."
Genesis 20:14: "And Abimelech took and oxen, and menservants, and womenservants, and gave them unto Abraham,"
Genesis 21:14: "And Abraham rose up early and took bread, and a bottle of water, and gave"
Genesis 21:21: "in the wilderness and his mother took him a wife out of the land of Egypt."
Genesis 21:27: "And Abraham took and oxen, and gave them unto Abimelech; and both of them made"
Genesis 21:30: "seven ewe lambs shalt thou take of my hand, that they may be"
Genesis 22:2: "And he said, Take thy son, thine only son"
Genesis 22:3: "and saddled his ass, and took two of his young men with"
Genesis 22:6: "And Abraham took the wood of the burnt offering, and laid it upon Isaac"
Genesis 22:6: "it upon Isaac his son; and he took the fire in his hand, and a knife;"
Genesis 22:10: "stretched forth his hand, and took the knife to slay"

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