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Strong's #5483: cuwc (pronounced soos)

or cuc {soos}; from an unused root meaning to skip (properly, for joy); a horse (as leaping); also a swallow (from its rapid flight):--crane, horse((-back, -hoof)). Compare 6571.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:

/ ּ


1) swallow, swift

2) horse

2a) chariot horses

Part of Speech: noun masculine (extension)

Relation: from an unused root meaning to skip (properly, for joy)

Same Word by TWOT Number: 1476, 1477


This word is used 140 times:

Genesis 47:17: "and Joseph gave them bread in exchange for horses, and for the flocks, and for the cattle of the herds,"
Genesis 49:17: "in the path, that biteth the horse heels, so that his rider shall fall backward."
Exodus 9:3: "upon thy cattle which is in the field, upon the horses, upon the asses, upon the camels, upon the oxen, and upon the sheep:"
Exodus 14:9: "pursued after them, all the horses and chariots of Pharaoh, and his horsemen, and his army,"
Exodus 14:23: "of the sea, even all Pharaoh's horses, his chariots, and his horsemen."
Exodus 15:1: "unto the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously: the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea."
Exodus 15:19: "For the horse of Pharaoh went in with his chariots and with his horsemen into the sea, and the LORD"
Exodus 15:21: "ye to the LORD, for he hath triumphed gloriously; the horse and his rider hath he thrown into the sea."
Deuteronomy 11:4: "he did unto the army of Egypt, unto their horses, and to their chariots; how he made the water"
Deuteronomy 17:16: "But he shall not multiply horses to himself, nor cause the people to return"
Deuteronomy 17:16: "to Egypt, to the end that he should multiply horses: forasmuch as the LORD hath said unto you, Ye shall henceforth return"
Deuteronomy 20:1: "against thine enemies, and seest horses, and chariots, and a people more than"
Joshua 11:4: "the sea shore in multitude, with horses and chariots very many."
Joshua 11:6: "before Israel: thou shalt hamstring their horses, and burn their chariots with fire."
Joshua 11:9: "bade him: he hamstrung their horses, and burnt their chariots with fire."
Judges 5:22: "Then were the horses' hooves broken by the means of the prancings, the prancings of their mighty ones."
2 Samuel 15:1: "this, that Absalom prepared him chariots and horses, and fifty men to run"
1 Kings 4:26: "forty thousand stalls of horses for his chariots, and twelve thousand"
1 Kings 4:28: "Barley also and straw for the horses and dromedaries brought they unto the place where"
1 Kings 10:25: "and garments, and armor, and spices, horses, and mules, a rate year by year."
1 Kings 10:28: "And Solomon had horses brought out of Egypt, and linen yarn: the king's"
1 Kings 10:29: "of Egypt for six hundred shekels of silver, and a horse for a hundred and fifty: and so"
1 Kings 18:5: "peradventure we may find grass to save the horses and mules alive, that we lose not"
1 Kings 20:1: "gathered all his host together: and there were thirty and two kings with him, and horses, and chariots:"
1 Kings 20:20: "of Syria escaped on a horse with the horsemen."
1 Kings 20:21: "went out, and smote the horses and chariots, and slew the Syrians with a great"
1 Kings 20:25: "And number thee an army, like the army that thou hast lost, horse for horse,"
1 Kings 20:25: "thee an army, like the army that thou hast lost, horse for horse, and chariot"
1 Kings 22:4: "of Israel, I am as thou art, my people as thy people, my horses as thy horses."
1 Kings 22:4: "I am as thou art, my people as thy people, my horses as thy horses."
2 Kings 2:11: "that, behold, there appeared a chariot of fire, and horses of fire, and parted them both asunder;"
2 Kings 3:7: "I will go up: I am as thou art, my people as thy people, and my horses as thy horses."
2 Kings 3:7: "I am as thou art, my people as thy people, and my horses as thy horses."
2 Kings 5:9: "So Naaman came with his horses and with his chariot, and stood at the door of the house of Elisha."
2 Kings 6:14: "Therefore sent he thither horses, and chariots, and a great host: and they came by night,"
2 Kings 6:15: "compassed the city both with horses and chariots. And his servant said unto"
2 Kings 6:17: "and, behold, the mountain was full of horses and chariots of fire round about Elisha."
2 Kings 7:6: "a noise of chariots, and a noise of horses, even the noise of a great host: and they said"
2 Kings 7:7: "and left their tents, and their horses, and their asses, even the camp as it"
2 Kings 7:10: "neither voice of man, but horses tied, and asses tied,"
2 Kings 7:13: "Let some take, I pray thee, five of the horses that remain, which are left"
2 Kings 7:14: "They took therefore two chariot horses; and the king sent after the host"
2 Kings 9:18: "So there went one on horseback to meet him, and said, Thus saith the king,"
2 Kings 9:19: "Then he sent out a second on horseback, which came to them, and said, Thus"
2 Kings 9:33: "was sprinkled on the wall, and on the horses: and he trod her under foot."
2 Kings 10:2: "are with you, and there are with you chariots and horses, a fenced city also, and armor;"
2 Kings 11:16: "hands on her; and she went by the way by the which the horses came into the king's house: and there"
2 Kings 14:20: "And they brought him on horses: and he was buried at Jerusalem with his fathers in the city"
2 Kings 18:23: "of Assyria, and I will deliver thee two thousand horses, if thou be able on thy part to set riders"
2 Kings 23:11: "And he took away the horses that the kings of Judah had given to the sun,"

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