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Strong's #7778: show`er (pronounced sho-are')

or shomer {sho-are'}: active participle of 8176 (as denominative from 8179); a janitor:--doorkeeper, porter.

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:

ׁ / ׁ


1) gatekeeper, porter

Part of Speech: noun masculine

Relation: from H8179


This word is used 37 times:

2 Samuel 18:26: "and the watchman called unto the porter, and said, Behold another man running"
2 Kings 7:10: "So they came and called unto the porter of the city: and they told them, saying, We came"
2 Kings 7:11: "And he called the porters; and they told it to the king's house within."
1 Chronicles 9:17: " And the porters were, Shallum, and Akkub, and Talmon, and Ahiman, and their brethren: Shallum was the chief;"
1 Chronicles 9:18: "waited in the king's gate eastward: they were porters in the companies of the children of Levi."
1 Chronicles 9:21: "And Zechariah the son of Meshelemiah was porter of the door of the tabernacle of the congregation."
1 Chronicles 9:22: "All these which were chosen to be porters in the gates were two hundred and twelve. These"
1 Chronicles 9:24: "In four quarters were the porters, toward the east, west, north, and south."
1 Chronicles 9:26: "Levites, the four chief porters, were in their set office, and were over the chambers"
1 Chronicles 15:18: "and Mikneiah, and Obed-edom, and Jeiel, the porters."
1 Chronicles 15:23: "And Berechiah and Elkanah were doorkeepers for the ark."
1 Chronicles 15:24: "of God: and Obed-edom and Jehiah were doorkeepers for the ark."
1 Chronicles 16:38: "also the son of Jeduthun and Hosah to be porters:"
1 Chronicles 23:5: "Moreover four thousand were porters; and four thousand praised the LORD with the instruments"
1 Chronicles 26:1: "Concerning the divisions of the porters: Of the Korhites was Meshelemiah the son of Kore, of the sons"
1 Chronicles 26:12: "Among these were the divisions of the porters, even among the chief men, having wards one against another,"
1 Chronicles 26:19: "These are the divisions of the porters among the sons of Kore, and among the sons of Merari."
2 Chronicles 8:14: "the priests, as the duty of every day required: the porters also by their courses at every gate:"
2 Chronicles 23:4: "on the sabbath, of the priests and of the Levites, shall be porters of the doors;"
2 Chronicles 23:19: "And he set the porters at the gates of the house of the LORD, that none which was unclean"
2 Chronicles 31:14: "the son of Imnah the Levite, the porter toward the east, was over the freewill offerings of God,"
2 Chronicles 34:13: "and of the Levites there were scribes, and officers, and porters."
2 Chronicles 35:15: "and Jeduthun the king's seer; and the porters waited at every gate; they might not depart"
Ezra 2:42: "The children of the porters: the children of Shallum, the children of Ater, the children of Talmon,"
Ezra 2:70: "and some of the people, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims, dwelt in their cities, and all"
Ezra 7:7: "and of the priests, and the Levites, and the singers, and the porters, and the Nethinims, unto Jerusalem,"
Ezra 10:24: "the singers also; Eliashib: and of the porters; Shallum, and Telem, and Uri."
Nehemiah 7:1: "was built, and I had set up the doors, and the porters and the singers and the Levites were appointed,"
Nehemiah 7:45: " The porters: the children of Shallum, the children of Ater, the children of Talmon, the children"
Nehemiah 7:73: "So the priests, and the Levites, and the porters, and the singers, and some of the people, and the Nethinims, and all"
Nehemiah 10:28: "of the people, the priests, the Levites, the porters, the singers, the Nethinims, and all they that had separated themselves"
Nehemiah 10:39: "of the sanctuary, and the priests that minister, and the porters, and the singers: and we will not forsake"
Nehemiah 11:19: " Moreover the porters, Akkub, Talmon, and their brethren that kept the gates, were a hundred seventy"
Nehemiah 12:25: "Meshullam, Talmon, Akkub, were porters keeping the ward at the thresholds of the gates."
Nehemiah 12:45: "And both the singers and the porters kept the ward of their God, and the ward of the purification, according to the commandment"
Nehemiah 12:47: "gave the portions of the singers and the porters, every day his portion: and they sanctified"
Nehemiah 13:5: "and the oil, which was commanded to be given to the Levites, and the singers, and the porters; and the offerings of the priests."

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