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Strong's #853: 'eth (pronounced ayth)

apparent contracted from 226 in the demonstrative sense of entity; properly, self (but generally used to point out more definitely the object of a verb or preposition, even or namely):--(as such unrepresented in English).

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Lexicon:


1) sign of the definite direct object, not translated in English but generally preceding and indicating the accusative

Part of Speech: untranslated particle

Relation: apparent contracted from H226 in the demonstrative sense of entity


This word is used 7302 times:

Obadiah 1:20: "which is in Sepharad, shall possess the cities of the south."
Obadiah 1:21: "on mount to judge the mount of Esau; and the kingdom shall be"
Jonah 1:5: "unto his god, and cast forth the wares that were in the ship into"
Jonah 1:9: "of heaven, which hath made the sea and the dry"
Jonah 1:15: "So they took up Jonah, into the sea: and the sea ceased"
Jonah 1:16: "Then the men feared exceedingly, and offered a sacrifice"
Jonah 1:17: "a great to swallow up Jonah. And Jonah was in the belly"
Jonah 2:7: "fainted within the LORD: and my prayer came in unto"
Jonah 2:10: "spoke unto the fish, Jonah upon the dry"
Jonah 3:2: "city, and preach unto it the preaching that I bid"
Jonah 3:10: "And God saw that they turned from their evil way;"
Jonah 4:3: "O LORD, take, my life from me; for it is better"
Jonah 4:7: "rose the next day, and it smote the gourd that it withered."
Micah 3:1: "of Israel; Is it not for you to know judgment?"
Micah 3:5: "the LORD the prophets that make my people err, that bite with their teeth,"
Micah 4:7: "And I will make her that halted and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the LORD"
Micah 5:1: "siege against us: they shall smite the judge of Israel with a rod upon"
Micah 5:6: "And they shall waste the land with the sword, and the land of Nimrod in the entrances"
Micah 5:15: "vengeance in anger upon the heathen, such as they have not heard."
Micah 6:1: "Hear ye now the LORD saith; Arise, contend"
Micah 6:2: "Hear ye, O mountains, controversy, and ye strong foundations of the earth:"
Micah 6:4: "thee out of the house of servants; and I sent before thee Moses, Aaron,"
Micah 7:2: "for blood; they hunt every man his brother with a net."
Nahum 2:2: "For the LORD hath turned away the excellency of Jacob, as the excellency of Israel:"
Habakkuk 1:4: "doth never go forth: for the wicked doth compass about the righteous; therefore"
Habakkuk 1:6: "For, lo, I raise up the Chaldeans, that bitter and hasty nation,"
Habakkuk 2:14: "For the earth shall be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD, as the waters"
Zephaniah 1:3: "with the wicked; and I will cut off man from off"
Zephaniah 1:4: "the inhabitants of Jerusalem; and I will cut off the remnant of Baal from this"
Zephaniah 1:4: "from this place, and the name of the Chemarims with the priests;"
Zephaniah 1:6: "the LORD; have not sought the LORD, nor inquired"
Zephaniah 1:12: "at that time, Jerusalem with candles, and punish"
Zephaniah 1:13: "vineyards, but not drink the wine"
Zephaniah 2:3: "Seek ye the LORD, ye meek of the earth, which have wrought"
Zephaniah 2:8: "of Ammon, whereby they have reproached my people, and magnified themselves against their border."
Zephaniah 2:11: "unto he will famish all the gods of the earth; and men shall worship"
Zephaniah 2:13: "against and destroy Assyria; and will make Nineveh"
Zephaniah 2:13: "Assyria; and will make Nineveh a desolation, and dry like a wilderness."
Zephaniah 3:19: "at that time all that afflict thee: and I will save"
Zephaniah 3:19: "all that afflict thee: and I will save her that halteth, and gather her that was driven out; and I will get"
Zephaniah 3:20: "people of the earth, when I turn back your captivity before your eyes, saith the LORD."
Haggai 1:14: "And the LORD stirred up of Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel, governor"
Haggai 2:3: "is left among you that this house in her first glory?"
Haggai 2:5: " According to the word that with you when ye came out of Egypt,"
Haggai 2:6: "is a little while, and I will shake the heavens, and the earth, and the sea, and the dry"
Haggai 2:7: "And I will shake all and the desire of all nations shall come:"
Haggai 2:7: "nations shall come: and I will fill this house with glory, saith"
Haggai 2:11: "Ask now the priests concerning the law, saying,"
Haggai 2:21: "saying, I will shake the heavens and the earth;"
Zechariah 1:6: "and my statutes, I commanded my servants the prophets, did they not take hold"

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