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A "Lot" of Credibility

Subject: Our love for the world destroys out credibility with God 


A Bed Too Short (Part 1)

Subject: Righteousness 


A Bed Too Short (Part 2)

Subject: What is the True Word? 


A Blast of Remembrance and Preparation

Subject: Remembering What God Has Done and Will Do 


A Bondmaid and a Freewoman

Subject: The New Covenant Allows Freedom 


A Brief Overview of Biblical Prosperity



A Calendar Summary

Subject: The Dangers of Calendar Change 


A Change of Heart

Subject: Nineveh Repented, Believed, Humbled Themselves, and Lived 


A Cheerful Giver

Subject: The Letter and The Spirit 


A Christian's Greatest Trial

Subject: Wearing Out the Saints 


A Clean, Well-Lighted Place

Subject: An Embassy for the Kingdom of God 


A Conflict of Interest

Subject: Are Our Emotional Investments in Conflict With the Truth? 


A Contrast of Kings



A Contrite Heart

Subject: Why a Contrite Spirit Is Necessary 


A Day Without Work

Subject: Lest Anyone Should Boast 


A Decision Tree

Subject: Making Godly Decisions 


A Different Kind of Savior

Subject: Jehu Compared to Jesus 


A Disagreement With the Truth



A Failure of Imagination

Subject: Evaluating Our Self-Examination 


A Famine of Unleavened Bread

Subject: Esteeming God's Word 


A Feast Message From Hebrews



A Future of Hope

Subject: Learning to Hope as Abraham 


A Glimpse at the Family of God

Subject: Insight into what we were, what we are, and what w 


A God Near at Hand



A GPS for our Spiritual Pilgrimage



A Heavenly Homeland

Subject: Our Citizenship in the Kingdom 


A Heritage and a Reward

Subject: Parent and Child Responsibilites 


A House Divided

Subject: Instability and Ruin 


A House Left Desolate

Subject: God's Core of Justice 


A Leader in Every Man!

Subject: Leadership (Joshua 1:1-18) 


A Little Leaven

Subject: Much Can Be Produced From Little 


A Look at Christian Suffering

Subject: Reasons and Lessons 


A Man of Fortitude and Conviction

Subject: The Desmond Doss Story 


A Matter Of The Heart

Subject: Preparing And Guarding Our Spiritual Hearts 


A Memorial of God's Provision

Subject: Building Our Spiritual Memorials 


A Memorial of Our Joyful Future

Subject: The Joyful Sound on the Day of Trumpets 


A Merry Heart

Subject: How To Have A Merry Heart 


A Message of Thanks

Subject: Background to the Opening of the New Building 


A Millennium of Preparation

Subject: Getting Ready for the Next Step of the Plan 


A More Excellent Sacrifice

Subject: Faith and Obedience 


A More Excellent Way



A Motivation for Giving



A New Beginning

Subject: Day Of Atonement 


A People Being Prepared to Pass the Rope



A Pillar of Salt

Subject: Our Perpetual Warning from God 


A Place of Safety

Subject: Will You Be Hid 


A Place of Safety? (Part 1)

Subject: Speculating 


A Place of Safety? (Part 2)

Subject: God's Purpose for the Place of Safety 


A Place of Safety? (Part 3)

Subject: Fleeing and the Man of Sin 


A Place of Safety? (Part 4)

Subject: The Mystery of Iniquity 


A Place of Safety? (Part 5)

Subject: Summary 


A Pre-Feast Perspective

Subject: Mentally and Spiritually Preparing for the Feast 


A Pre-Passover Look

Subject: Pre-Passover 


A Priceless Gift

Subject: We Are God's Special People 


A Primer On Spirit



A Pure Language

Subject: Calling on the Name of the Lord 


A Root of Bitterness

Subject: Effects of Turning From God 


A Root of Bitterness

Subject: Overcoming Satan's Killjoy Tactics 


A Royal Priesthood

Subject: What God Requires of His Priests 


A Sacrifice Is An Investment

Subject: Offertory 


A Search For Christmas Truth?

Subject: Retaining Truth 


A Search for Identity

Subject: Our Worth in God's Eyes 


A Seed of Highest Quality

Subject: The Seed Growth Process 


A Shadow of Our Light and Truth

Subject: The Urim and the Thummim 


A Son Is Given

Subject: Insight From Jesus' Names 


A Spiritual Lens

Subject: Life Learing From Our Visual Memories 


A Summary On Hope

Subject: Two Anchors For Hope 


A Sure Word of Prophecy

Subject: Why Peter Had A 'More Sure Word of Prophecy' 


A Survey of God's Gifts to Us

Subject: Spiritual Gifts  


A Table is Laid



A Thoughtful Offering

Subject: Taking Care to Fill the Work's Needs 


A Time of Great Sacrifice



A Time to Grow

Subject: Growing on to Perfection 


A Time To Scatter



A Time to Tear



A True Disciple

Subject: What Identifies A True Disciple? 


A Truly Threatening Time



A Trustworthy Relationship



A Truth About Revelation 2 and 3

Subject: The Primary Teaching Regarding Revelation 2 & 3 is Not Eras 


A View of the Work



A Vivid Comparison



A Vivid Comparison (2000)

Subject: Dogs and Offerings 



Subject: Don't Let Go Of Your Crown 


Abel Glorified God!









Abraham (Part Eight)



Abraham (Part Eleven)



Abraham (Part Five)



Abraham (Part Four)



Abraham (Part Nine)



Abraham (Part One)



Abraham (Part Seven)



Abraham (Part Six)



Abraham (Part Ten)



Abraham (Part Three)



Abraham (Part Twelve)



Abraham (Part Two)



Abraham's Faith in Giving

Subject: Offertory 


Abraham's Sacrifice (Part Five): Promises Confirmed



Abraham's Sacrifice (Part Four): Providence Manifested

Subject: God Does Indeed Provide Our Needs 


Abraham's Sacrifice (Part One): Faith Perfected

Subject: Works Complete, Mature, or Perfect Faith 


Abraham's Sacrifice (Part Three): Hope Demonstrated

Subject: Love and Obedience Produces Hope 


Abraham's Sacrifice (Part Two): Love Exemplified

Subject: The Father Loves the Son of Promise 


Absalom: A Study in Narcissism

Subject: Manipulative Control of Others 


Accepted in the Beloved

Subject: Living at Peace with God's People 


Accessing the Invisible God



According to His Pleasure

Subject: The Pleasure of God 


According to My Gospel



According to the Blessing




Subject: Taking Responsibility for Our Actions 


Achan's Sin, God's Punishment

Subject: Did the Punishment Fit the Crime? 


Achieving the Desires of Our Hearts



Acknowledging the Giver

Subject: All Things Come From God 


Acquainted with Grief



Acting the Fool

Subject: Biblical Folly 


Acts (Part Eight)

Subject: Acts 7:1-50 Rejection of the Deliverer Leads to Idolatry 


Acts (Part Eighteen)



Acts (Part Eleven)

Subject: Acts 10; 11:1-18 Conversion of Cornelius  


Acts (Part Fifteen)

Subject: Acts 15 The Council of Jerusalem: Circumcision and Gentiles 


Acts (Part Five)

Subject: Acts 3-4:4 Apostles' Witness Brings Conflict With Established Authority 


Acts (Part Four)

Subject: Acts 2:22-47 Christ's Messiahship / Giving of Holy Spirit 


Acts (Part Fourteen)

Subject: Acts 14: Paul and Barnabas at Lystra; the Council of Jerusalem  


Acts (Part Nine)

Subject: Acts 7-8 Martyrdom of Stephen; Peter's Encounter with Simon Magus 


Acts (Part Nineteen)

Subject: Acts 18: Priscilla and Aquila, Gallio's Decision, Arrival of Apollos  


Acts (Part One)

Subject: Acts as a Trial Document 


Acts (Part Seven)

Subject: Acts 5 & 6 Confrontation with the Sanhedrin and Stephen's Testimony 


Acts (Part Seventeen)

Subject: Acts 15-16 The Imprisonment and Release of Paul and Silas  


Acts (Part Six)

Subject: Acts 4-5:11 Peter and John's Boldness and Courage 


Acts (Part Sixteen)

Subject: Acts 15:19-29 Sensitivity to Conscience and Scruples 


Acts (Part Ten)

Subject: Acts 9 Paul's Dramatic Conversion  


Acts (Part Thirteen)

Subject: Acts 13: The Work of Paul and Barnabas in Cyprus  


Acts (Part Three)

Subject: Acts 2, Speaking In Tounges 


Acts (Part Twelve)

Subject: Acts 11-13 Relationship Between Prayer and God's Response  


Acts (Part Twenty)

Subject: Acts 19: Diana (Artemis) Worship; Riot at Ephesus  


Acts (Part Twenty-Five)

Subject: Acts 25-26 Paul's Appeal to Festus and His Testimony to King Agrippa 


Acts (Part Twenty-Four)

Subject: Acts 24 Paul Uses Trials as Opportunities to Witness  


Acts (Part Twenty-One)

Subject: Acts 20 Paul's Final Admonitory Instructions to the Ephesian Elders 


Acts (Part Twenty-Seven)



Acts (Part Twenty-Six)



Acts (Part Twenty-Three)

Subject: Acts 22 - 23:10 Paul's Incredible Skill at Extricating Himself from Trouble  


Acts (Part Twenty-Two)

Subject: Acts 21 Parallels Between Paul's and Christ's Last Journey to Jerusalem  


Acts (Part Two)

Subject: The Miracle of Pentecost: Peter's Sermon 



Subject: Treating Our Sinful Addictions With Fellowship 


Addicted to a Virtual World?

Subject: Meditating on God's Law 


Addiction, Slavery, and Serving

Subject: Differences and Similarities 


Adolescent Geriatrics

Subject: Growing Toward Spiritual Maturity 


Advice to Kings

Subject: Writing the Book of Deuteronomy 


After the Resurrection



Against All Odds

Subject: Standing in the Gap 


Against the Wind



Aim for Productivity



Aligning to God's Will

Subject: Relinquish Control 


All Flesh Shall See the Salvation of God



All His Ways Are Just

Subject: God's Merciful Judgment 


All in All

Subject: Christ Is Everything 


All in All (Part 1)

Subject: The End Point of God's Purpose and Plan 


All in All (Part 2)

Subject: The Process of Oneness 


All in Good Time

Subject: Considering God's Creation of Time 


All Leaves, No Fruit

Subject: Cleaning Our Temple Through Prayer 


All Things Are Yours

Subject: The Essential Solution to Disunity 


All We Need is Love ... And Godly Fear

Subject: Importance of Godly Fearing in Our Life 


Almost Persuaded

Subject: Acts 26:28 


Ambassadors for Christ

Subject: Ambassadors of Reconciliation 


Amending the Soil

Subject: Responding to God 


Amos (Part Eight)

Subject: Amos 5:1-6 


Amos (Part Eleven)

Subject: Amos 6 


Amos (Part Five)

Subject: Amos 3:10-15 


Amos (Part Four)

Subject: Amos 2:12-16 


Amos (Part Fourteen)

Subject: Amos 8 & 9 


Amos (Part Nine)

Subject: Amos 5 


Amos (Part One)

Subject: Introduction 


Amos (Part Seven)

Subject: Amos 4 


Amos (Part Six)

Subject: Amos 3 & 4 


Amos (Part Ten)

Subject: Amos 5 & 6 


Amos (Part Thirteen)

Subject: Amos 8 


Amos (Part Three)

Subject: Amos 2:1-12 


Amos (Part Twelve)

Subject: Amos 6 & 7 


Amos (Part Two)

Subject: Amos 1:1-15 


Amos 5 and the Feast



Amos 5 and the Feast of Tabernacles

Subject: Properly Keeping the Feast 


An Abundance of Living Water

Subject: God's Spirit Given Without Measure 


An Acceptable Offering (Part One)

Subject: Offeratory 


An Acceptable Offering (Part Two)

Subject: Offertory 


An Acceptable Sacrifice

Subject: The Offeratory 


An Attitude of Thanksgiving

Subject: Gratitude Keeps God in Our View 


An Incredible Debt

Subject: Redeemed by Christ 


An Intimate Expanding Relationship



An Offering Made By Fire

Subject: Totally Consumed by Service 


An Offering, Sanctification and Atonement

Subject: God Expects Offerings as Part of His Way 


An Ounce of Prevention

Subject: Maintaining Physical & Spiritual Health 


An Undying Love

Subject: Christ's Undying Love for Israel As Depicted in the Life of Hosea and Gomer 


Anarchy in the Church?

Subject: The Whole Counsel of God 


Angelic Responsibilities

Subject: Angels 


Anger (Part 1)

Subject: Sinful Anger Versus Righteous Anger 


Anger (Part 2)

Subject: Explosive Anger and Depression 


Animals in the Bible

Subject: Clean and Unclean Pets 


Animals of Israel

Subject: The Lion of the Tribe of Israel 


Announcing . . . Christ's Birth!

Subject: The Significance of Jesus' Birth 


Anointing Our Eyes

Subject: Spiritual Blindness 


Answered Prayer Through Faith

Subject: Perseverance in Prayer  


Antichrist Deceptions

Subject: Those Who Try to Deceive You 


Anticipating the Enemy

Subject: Satan 



Subject: Anticipating the Joy of God's Revelation Today 


Antidote For Disunity!



Antidotes to Anxiety

Subject: Pre-Feast Trials 


Antidotes to Fear and Depression

Subject: God's Revelation Provides Hope 


Appearing Before God

Subject: Demonstrating God's Word in Our Lives 





Approaching God Through Christ (Part Five)

Subject: The Menorah 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part Four)

Subject: The Door and Table of Showbread 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part One)

Subject: Serving In A Heavenly Tabernacle 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part Seven)

Subject: Summary: Christ Is The Way 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part Six)

Subject: The Altar of Incense 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part Three)

Subject: The Laver 


Approaching God Through Christ (Part Two)

Subject: The Brazen Altar 


Approaching the Father

Subject: The Basics of Prayer 


Approved of God



Are God's Holy Days To Be Kept Today?

Subject: The Holy Days of God 


Are We Already In Captivity?

Subject: The Possibility Exists - What Is Our Responsibility 


Are We Cold or Hot?

Subject: Leavening in Us 


Are We Ever Good Enough?

Subject: Conviction of Sin 


Are We Good Comforters?

Subject: Comforting Words 


Are We Happy?

Subject: True Happiness 


Are We Ready To Enter The Promised Land?



Are We Ready to Overflow with God's Spirit?



Are We Really Committed?

Subject: God's Level of Commitment 


Are We Redeeming the Time?

Subject: Making the Most of Our Remaining Time 


Are We Thirsty for Living Water?



Are You a Victim?

Subject: Our Response to Victimization 


Are You Alive to God?

Subject: Union With Christ 


Are You an Israelite?

Subject: Living Like Biblical Israelites 


Are You An Unwitting Spiritual Terrorist?



Are You Being Brainwashed? (Part 1)

Subject: Influence From the World and the Love of it 


Are You Being Brainwashed? (Part 2)

Subject: He Who Hates His Brother Is In Darkness 


Are You Being Brainwashed? (Part 3)

Subject: Socialist and Communist Deceptions in Religion 


Are You Being Brainwashed? (Part 4)

Subject: Public Opinion, Desensitization, Folly and Wisdom 


Are You Dissipating Your Own Energy?

Subject: Avoiding and Overcoming Exhausting Habits 


Are You Envious or Content?



Are You Feeling Guilty Of Past Sins?

Subject: God's Mercy And Forgiveness 


Are You Fighting the Good Fight?

Subject: The Whole Armor of God 


Are You Light In The Lord?



Are You Living an Abundant Life?

Subject: John 17:3 


Are You Living An Illusion?



Are You Looking for Some New Thing? (Part 1)

Subject: Novelty and Itching Ears 


Are You Looking for Some New Thing? (Part 2)

Subject: The Relationship Between Truth, Hope, Faith, and Certainty 


Are You Missing Out On Blessings?

Subject: Recognizing and Appreciating Blessings 


Are You Ready for the Rapture?



Are You Running on Empty?



Are You Subject to Perpetual Bondage?

Subject: Paul's Epistle to Philemon 


Are You Sure You Believe in God? (Part One)

Subject: The Fool Says 'There Is No God' 


Are You Sure You Believe in God? (Part Three)

Subject: Counterfeits of Faith 


Are You Sure You Believe in God? (Part Two)

Subject: Faithfulness 


Are You Weary of Doing What's Right?

Subject: Spiritual Depression 


Are You Worthy of Your Calling?

Subject: II Thessalonians 1:1-12 


Are You Worthy of Your Calling?

Subject: Necessary Characteristics of Your Calling 


Are Your Feelings Fighting Your Faith?

Subject: Stirring Up the Gift of God 


Armor For Our Armor

Subject: The Shield of Faith 


Armor of Integrity and Love

Subject: The Breastplate of Righteousness 


Armor of Light

Subject: Reflecting God's Light 


As A Man Thinks

Subject: Bringing Every Thought Into Captivity 


As a Thief in the Night

Subject: The Importance of Watching 


As I Have Loved You

Subject: The Identifying Sign of the True Disciples Of Jesus is There Love for Each Other 


As in the Days of Noah



As Much as Depends on You

Subject: Principles of Conflict Resolution 


As The Deer Pants

Subject: Psalms 42 



Subject: Stay Strong to the End 


Asa's Laodicean Attitude



Asphalt Aspirations and Pentecost's Promise



Assassination of Character

Subject: Gossiping 


Assessment Now, Judgment Later!



Assurance (Part One): Self Examination

Subject: The Holy Spirit 


Assurance (Part Three): Glory and Hope

Subject: Romans 8:18-21 


Assurance (Part Two): Of the Path to Glory

Subject: Assurance and Suffering 


Assurance That We Know Him!

Subject: Knowing the Love of God 


Atonement and this World's Future

Subject: Day of Atonement 


Atonement Goats and Passover Lambs



Atonement Through Christ

Subject: Day of Atonement 


Attitude of a Repentant Laodicean

Subject: Daily, Persistant, and Humble Prayer for Christ's Gifts to Overcome 


Attitude of Gratitude

Subject: Thanksgiving 


Attributes Of Godly Leadership

Subject: Nehemiah's Example Of Leadership 


Audacity of Hope

Subject: Hope 


Authority and Government

Subject: Obeying the Law of the Land 


Authority: Why So Many Resent It

Subject: Pride and Humility 


Avoiding Spiritual Burnout

Subject: Stress 


Avoiding Superficiality

Subject: Repentance 


Awaiting Release

Subject: What To Do During Trials 

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