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Back to Basics

Subject: A Foundation for Turbulent Times 


Back to Life (Part Five)

Subject: The Story of Lazarus 


Back to Life (Part Four)

Subject: The Story of Lazarus 


Back to Life (Part One)

Subject: The Story of Lazarus 


Back to Life (Part Three)

Subject: The Story of Lazarus 


Back to Life (Part Two)

Subject: The Story of Lazarus 


Balaam and the End-Time Church (Part 1)

Subject: Numbers 22 


Balaam and the End-Time Church (Part 2)

Subject: Parallels With The Laodicean 



Subject: Be Fruitful And Muliply 


Balancing Prosperity



Balancing Prosperity



Baptism and Unleavened Bread



Baptized in the Sea

Subject: Israel's Baptism and Ours 


Baruch's Discontent



Battle Shoes

Subject: Feet Shod With the Preparation of the Gospel of Peace 


Battling the Tempter

Subject: The Gap Between Impulse and Self Control 


Be Anxious For Nothing

Subject: Overcoming Anxieties 


Be Kindly Affectionate

Subject: Love Toward The Brethren 


Be Perfect



Be Prepared



Be Prepared (2012)

Subject: Don't be a Foolish Virgin 


Be Still!

Subject: Peace and Rest 


Be Thankful!

Subject: Appreciation 


Be There Next Year!

Subject: Stirring Up God's Gift 


Be You Thankful



Bearing Much Fruit

Subject: Lessons From Roots 


Beasts Among Us

Subject: Animal Populations and Prophecy 


Becoming Fearless



Becoming Like Little Children



Been There, Done That!



Before the World Began



Behind Enemy Lines: Lucifer, Helel, and Satan

Subject: Knowing The Enemy 


Behold Your King!

Subject: Kingship and Compromise 


Being a Christian



Being Alert to Our Enemy



Being Deceived



Being Double-Minded

Subject: It's O.K. But it Must be Disciplined 


Being There

Subject: The Second Resurrection 


Belief and the Firstfruits

Subject: The Appointment to Eternal Life 


Belief with Obedience

Subject: What is Believing in Christ? 


Believing is Seeing

Subject: Preparing for the Revelation of God 


Benefits of the Third Resurrection

Subject: The Positives and Negatives 


Better to Give Than Receive

Subject: Doesn't Apply Just to Offerings 


Beware of False Prophets

Subject: Their Motivation, Appearance, and Works 


Beware the Leaven



Beware the Second Flood



Bezaleel of the House of Judah



Bible Answers to The Da Vinci Code

Subject: Scripture Debunks Dan Brown 


Bible Difficulties by Design

Subject: Apparent Discrepancies 


Biblical Principles of Justice (Part One)

Subject: Underpinnings of Righteous Judgment 


Biblical Principles of Justice (Part Three)

Subject: Principles From the New Testament 


Biblical Principles of Justice (Part Two)

Subject: Learning to Judge Matters of This Life 


Bitterness Can Kill



Bleating For Our Life

Subject: Our Reliance on the Good Shepherd 


Blessed Are the Meek

Subject: Another Difficult Fruit of the Spirit 


Blessing God



Blessing Promises: Our Spiritual Inheritance



Blessings We Could Have Had



Blogging For Truth

Subject: An Internet Deception 


Boaz and Pentecost

Subject: Christ's Work of Redemption 


Born Again (Part 1)

Subject: A Different Analogy 


Born Again (Part 2)

Subject: Clarifying Some Issues 


Born Again (Part 3)

Subject: The Kingdom is at Hand  


Born Again (Part 4)

Subject: How Does God Regard Us? 


Born Wild, Trained Upright

Subject: Submitting to God's Cultivation of Us 


Boundaries, Incursions, Migrations, and God (Part One)



Boundaries, Incursions, Migrations, and God (Part Two)



Breakfast by the Sea

Subject: Jesus and Peter in John 21 


Brim-full Obedience

Subject: Obeying Well Enables Us To Serve Well 



Subject: Are We Bruising Our Body?  


Building a Home for God

Subject: Integrity 


Building Character Through Mundane Activities



Building on Christ's Foundation



Building on the Foundation

Subject: The Quality of Our Work 


Building Relationships

Subject: Can We All Just Get Along? 


Building the Wall (Part One)

Subject: We ARE the Wall! 


Building the Wall (Part Two)

Subject: Hope 


Built as a Witness

Subject: Recognizing and Utilizing God's Giifts 


Burying Our Talents?

Subject: Becoming a Profitable Servant 


Business Principles



By Every Word of God

Subject: The Pentecost Question Put In Order 


By Reason of Use

Subject: Maturing Beyond Spiritual Childhood 


By The Numbers

Subject: Let's Count God's Way 


By This Shall All Men Know You

Subject: The Proper Relationship with God 


By This We Know Love!


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