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Cain, Balaam, and Korah

Subject: The Question of Will 


Cain, Messiah?

Subject: Do You Have The Whole Story? 


Call Upon the Name of the Lord



Called Their Name Adam



Called To Be Saints



Camels, Needles, and the World

Subject: Care of the World 


Camouflage and Salvation

Subject: Salvation is Only Through Christ 


Can God Look on Sin?

Subject: God's Watchful Eyes 


Can We Win People For Christ?

Subject: The Scripture Remains Unbroken 


Can You Handle the Truth?



Can You Mix Wool and Linen?



Can You Relate?

Subject: Examining Our Relationship With God 


Can You See Yourself From Every Side?

Subject: Ephesians 5:15 


Captain Noah of the S. S. Ark

Subject: God's Providence 


Care Toward a Tare

Subject: Discerning Without Disturbing 


Carefully Tending and Keeping God's Extraordinary Blessings




Subject: An Attitude Typical of Laodiceanism 


Carpe Diem

Subject: Seizing the Day and Our Faith 


Casting Off Fear

Subject: Self Evaluation to Identify Underlying Fear 


Caveats About Self-Examination



CGG Anniversary: Summary and Thank You

Subject: Eleven Years of Feeding the Flock 


Change and Constancy

Subject: Some Things Must Not Change 


Change and Hope

Subject: God's Help in Overcoming 


Change Readiness

Subject: Attributes of Successful Change 


Changing the Narrative

Subject: Discerning God's Truth from Satan's Lies 


Character Matters

Subject: Leaders Must Have Character 


Check Your Blind Spots

Subject: Understanding and Overcoming Behaviors Which Can Cause Disunity 


Checklist for Overcoming

Subject: Overcoming Satan's Temptations 


Childlike in Attitude

Subject: How to Have the Humility of a Child 


Childrearing (Part Five)

Subject: God the Master Childrearer 


Childrearing (Part Four)

Subject: Object of Our Affection 


Childrearing (Part One)

Subject: The Blessing of Children 


Childrearing (Part Six)

Subject: Necessary Discipline 


Childrearing (Part Three)

Subject: How To Build Charisma 


Childrearing (Part Two)

Subject: The Elements of Government 


Choosing Not to Remember

Subject: Let Go of Past Sins and Others' 


Choosing the Field of Battle

Subject: Revisiting the Timing of the Resurrection 


Choosing to Have a Good Relationship

Subject: Purpose of Marriage 


Christ Our Passover

Subject: Pre-Passover 


Christ Our Peace



Christ Our Rock

Subject: The Rock of Ages: Christ as Cornerstone 


Christ Our Standard

Subject: Going About Doing Good 


Christ Our Wisdom

Subject: Godly Wisdom Defined 


Christ Riding the Donkey

Subject: Lessons From the Donkey 


Christ's Death and the Immortality of the Soul

Subject: The Purpose of Christ's Death 


Christ's Death, Resurrection, and Ascension

Subject: Psalms 22-24 


Christ's Female Ancestors

Subject: Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, and Bathsheba 


Christ's Revelation of the Father

Subject: Declaring the Existence and Character of God 


Christ's Second Coming

Subject: The Pivot Event in Fulfilling Trumpets 


Christ's Wake-up Call to the "Churches"



Christ, the Chief Cornerstone

Subject: A Sure, Precious Foundation 


Christian Judgments

Subject: Three Judgments Church Members Experience 


Christian Marriage (Part One)



Christian Marriage (Part Two)



Christian Men: Personal Responsibility

Subject: Service and Selflessness 


Christian Optimism

Subject: A Positive Attitude Has Great Benefits  


Christian Reaction to Terror

Subject: Lessons from the Past 


Christian Service

Subject: Why and How To Serve 


Christian Zeal

Subject: Fervor For God 


Christianity Is a Fight! (Part 1)

Subject: Crucifying the Flesh 


Christianity Is a Fight! (Part 2)

Subject: Christians Must Go to War 


Christianity Is a Fight! (Part 3)

Subject: Combating The World And Satan 


Christianity Is a Fight! (Part 4)

Subject: Commitment, Vision, and Time Management 


Christianity Vs. Cultural Paganism

Subject: Lying and Deceit 


Christians in the Spotlight

Subject: Our Personal Witness 


Christmas and Sun Worship

Subject: Common Elements of Paganism 


Chronic Difficulties

Subject: Timing of Events of 'Holy Week' 


Chronicles: Answered Prayer

Subject: Calling Upon the Lord 


Church of God Ecumenism

Subject: God's Work Changes 


Church Unity Despite the Spirit of the World



Circumcision Is Nothing?

Subject: Has Circumcision Been Done Away Forever? 


City of Peace



Civility and Courtesy

Subject: Good Manners are Godly 


Classical and Modern Metaphors of the Resurrection



Clean and Unclean Meats

Subject: Continuously Clean 


Cleansing the People

Subject: Kislev 24 


Cloak of Zeal

Subject: Becoming Zealous for Good Works 


Clothing, Wineskins, and Wine

Subject: The Effects of the New Wine 



Subject: God's Mercy on His Creation 


Collateral Damage



Color In Scripture

Subject: Seeing Color Through A Different Perspective 


Colossian Law-Keeping



Coming More Fully Into the Love of Our Brethren

Subject: Forgiveness 


Coming to Know Him

Subject: Christ's Glorious Appearing 



Subject: Setting Sail In Life 


Commitment to Family

Subject: Mirroring God's Commitment to Us 


Communication and Coming Out of Babylon (Part 1)

Subject: Combating the Prince of the Power of the Air 


Communication and Coming Out of Babylon (Part 2)

Subject: The Evil Heart and the Converted Heart 


Communication and Coming Out of Babylon (Part 3)

Subject: Continuing in the Faith 





Compassion and Couch Potatoes



Complacency, an Epidemic

Subject: Lessons from 9/11 


Completing Sanctification

Subject: Refuting the Hyper-Grace Gospel 





Concerning Edom

Subject: The Book of Obadiah 


Conditioned Response

Subject: Are We Conditioning Ourselves to Sin? 


Conditions for Blessings



Conduct of the New Life

Subject: Become Kind, Tenderhearted, and Forgiving 


Confidence in the Flesh Versus Faith



Conflicts In The Body

Subject: Going To War With The Family 


Conforming to This World

Subject: Signs to Beware of 


Confronting the Field of Battle

Subject: Take the Fight to the Enemy 


Conscience (Part 1)

Subject: The End Times 


Conscience (Part 2)

Subject: Knowing and Using Your Conscience 


Conscience (Part 3)

Subject: Conclusion of Series 


Conscience Towards God

Subject: A Governor For The Things We Do 


Consequences of Resurrection and Ascension

Subject: The Wavesheaf Offering Fulfilled in Christ 


Consequences of Wrong Focus

Subject: A Deadly Downward Spiral 


Consider Carefully How You Listen



Consider the Butterfly

Subject: Metamorphosis from Worm to God 


Considered Rather Than Commanded - Choose Life



Considering the Day of the Lord

Subject: Warnings from Peter, Amos, and Christ 


Contend for the Faith

Subject: The Correct Approach to Bible Study can help Identify False Teachings 



Subject: Why We Are Not Content 


Contentment Is Learned

Subject: Christ Strenghtens Us 


Continue to Live the Perfect Law of Liberty



Continuing on to Completion

Subject: Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard 


Contrite Heart



Control and Self-Control



Controlling the Gap

Subject: Conditional and Unconditional Responses  


Controlling the Weeds



Conversion: Turning to God

Subject: Changing Our Conduct 


Conviction and Moses

Subject: Our Relationship with God 


Conviction to Godly Righteousness

Subject: Conviction of Sin and Repentance 


Conviction, Moses and Us

Subject: The Servant of God 


Core Understanding

Subject: The One Truth to Hang Onto 


Corinthian Parallels to Sodom

Subject: Paul Faced Problems Similar to Our Own 


Corporate Faith

Subject: Unity in Doing God's Will 


Corporate Sin

Subject: Following Others in Iniquity 


Could You Be Struck Dead?

Subject: Ananias and Sapphira 


Could You Stand Alone?

Subject: Preparing To Make a Quality Witness 


Count It All Joy

Subject: Developing a Positive Outlook 


Countering Presumptuousness

Subject: Contentment 


Counting It as Loss

Subject: Paul's Value System 


Counting Lessons



Counting the Cost of Humility

Subject: Submission to God + Family 


Counting to Glory

Subject: Why God Instructs Us to Count to Pentacost 


Counting to Pentecost: A Simple Approach

Subject: Following What Is Written 






Subject: Sin Begins in the Heart 





Crazy or Christmas

Subject: Truth in Christmas 


Created to Do God's Will and Work



Creation Stewardship

Subject: Our Responsibility to God's Creation 


Creator, Sustainer, Head

Subject: Upholding All Things 


Criticism: The Foolish Habit

Subject: Criticism Stems fFom Jealousy, Pride, and Hypocrisy 



Subject: Making the Paths Straight 


Crucial Parenting Principles

Subject: Childrearing in a Chaotic World  


Crucifying the Flesh

Subject: Repentance 


Cultural Paradigms in Scripture

Subject: All Things To See Men 





Cyrus: Raised in Righteousness

Subject: Who Was Cyrus' Mother? 

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