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Daily Overcoming

Subject: The All Day, Every Day Process of Making Selfless Decisions 


Daring to Be Vulnerable

Subject: Abundant Fruit of Agape 



Subject: Whole Armor of God 


Dating (Part 1): The Purposes of Dating

Subject: Dating Related to Temptation and Faith 


Dating (Part 2): The Proper Order of Things

Subject: Time, Cultivation, Restraint and Hope 


Dating (Part 3): A Love Worthy of Your Life

Subject: Dating, Marriage and Love 


Dating Outside the Church

Subject: Pitfalls of Being Unequally Yoked 


David and the Gibeonites

Subject: A Lesson in Time of Famine 


David Was Ready



Day By Day

Subject: God's Faithfulness in Our Trials 


Days of Truth

Subject: Leavening and False Doctrine 



Subject: Judging Our Spiritual Priorities 


Dealing With a Sinning Brother

Subject: An Attitude of Love and Forgiveness 


Dealing With Change

Subject: The Parable Of The Two Builders 


Dealing With Contention

Subject: Use Meekness and Love Toward Contentious People 


Dealing With Forced Change

Subject: A Variety of Situations Require Thought 


Dealing With the Holidays

Subject: Putting Things in Their Proper Context 


Death, or Not A Hair of Your Head?

Subject: Matthew 24:1-51 


Death: The End of the Beginning

Subject: Why Do We Fight Death? 



Subject: War with Words 


Debt and Obligation

Subject: Our Passover Responsibility 


Deceived by His Eyes



Deceivers and Antichrists



Deception, Idolatry and the Feast of Tabernacles

Subject: Feast of Tabernacles 


Defining Grace

Subject: What is Grace? 


Defining Logos (Part One)

Subject: A Few Words About 'Word' 


Defining Logos (Part Two)

Subject: The Express Image of God 


Defining the Human Mind



Defining Trials



Deforestation of Israel

Subject: What's Happening to Our Tree's? 


Deleavening the Home



Delightfully Dismal?

Subject: Overcoming Satan's Impression of Depression 


Delusions of Perfection

Subject: Covering Sin in Love 


Demonstrating Our Love for the Brethren is Alive

Subject: Love Without Works is Dead 


Deuteronomy (Part 1)

Subject: Purpose and Introduction 


Deuteronomy (Part 1) (1994)

Subject: Importance and Vision 


Deuteronomy (Part 2)

Subject: An Overview of Vision 


Deuteronomy (Part 2) (1994)

Subject: Fear of God, Grace, and God's Faithfulness 


Deuteronomy (Part 3)

Subject: Personal Leadership 


Deuteronomy (Part 3) (1994)

Subject: Holiness 


Deuteronomy (Part 4)

Subject: Love and the Fear of God 


Deuteronomy (Part 4) (1994)

Subject: How Love Grows 


Deuteronomy (Part 5)

Subject: Grace and Faithfulness 


Deuteronomy (Part 5) (1994)

Subject: God's Discipline, Care and Remembrance 


Deuteronomy (Part 6)

Subject: Faithfulness, continued 


Deuteronomy (Part 7)

Subject: Holiness 


Deuteronomy 16, Passover, and the Night to be Much Observed

Subject: Deuteronomy 16, Passover, and the Days of Unleavened Bread 


Deuteronomy 16:1-8

Subject: Passover or Unleavened Bread? 


Deuteronomy and History



Deuteronomy and Holiness



Deuteronomy and Idolatry



Deuteronomy Opening



Deuteronomy's Major Themes



Deuteronomy: What Is God Looking For?



Developing Discernment

Subject: Human and Spiritual Discernment 


Developing EQ to Overcome Fear



Developing Spiritual Wanderlust

Subject: Enjoying Our Spiritual Pilgrimage 


Devoting Ourselves to Fellowship

Subject: Fellowship Means Relationship and Partnership 


Devotion and the Days of Unleavened Bread

Subject: Burnt Offerings 


Did God Change the Sign From the Sabbath to the Holy Spirit?



Differences of Opinion



Diligence in the Face of Trials

Subject: The Assurance of Salvation 


Discerning of Spirit

Subject: Guarding the Body 


Discerning Signs and Redeeming Time



Discerning Spirits and Discerning the Body



Discerning Truth and Applying Wisdom



Discord From "Self-Determination"



Discouragement and Trumpets

Subject: God Doesn't Lose Track of Us 


Disinterestedness: Our Spiritual Iron Dome

Subject: Protecting Ourselves Against Satan's Fiery Darts 



Subject: Salvation by Grace Through Faith - Always 


Disproving Hell



Divided Loyalty

Subject: Where Are Our Loyalties?  


Division, Satan, Humility

Subject: Atonement 


Divorce and Remarriage

Subject: Violence against the Marriage Contract 


Do Angels Live Forever? (Part One)



Do Angels Live Forever? (Part Two)



Do Little Things Not Count?

Subject: Wavesheaf (Conclusion) 


Do The First Works



Do Unto Others and Reap What We Sow

Subject: Two Principles Regarding Holiness 


Do Unto Others...

Subject: Godly Reciprocity 


Do We Love Our Brother?

Subject: How Do We Love Our Brother? 


Do We Really Believe ?

Subject: As a Mustard Seed 


Do We See God In This Picture?

Subject: Offeratory 


Do We See Ourselves As God Sees Us?



Do We See the Line?

Subject: Understanding the Principles Behind the Laws 


Do We Truly Honor God in Our Actions?



Do We Value Our Inheritance

Subject: Clinging to God 


Do You Believe What God Said?

Subject: God Must Be Worshipped In Spirit And Truth 


Do You Feel Lucky?

Subject: Pagan Luck vs. Prudence and Providence 


Do You Have a Golden Calf?



Do You Have Enough Oil?

Subject: Another Look at the Parable of the Ten Virgins 


Do You Really Want Just Any Eternal Life?

Subject: God's Testimony, the Gift of Life In Christ, and the Essence of Christian Life 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Five)

Subject: Christ's Glorious Appearing 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Four)

Subject: Producing Fruit 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part One)

Subject: Misconceptions About Christ 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Seven)

Subject: Jesus on Last Things 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Six)



Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Three)

Subject: Called to Liberty 


Do You Recognize This Man? (Part Two)

Subject: Christ's Approach to Sin 


Do You See God in Deuteronomy?

Subject: Deuteronomy 2 and 3, and God's Sovereignty 


Do You See God Working in You?



Do You See God?

Subject: The Reality of God 


Do You Take Sin Seriously? God Does!

Subject: The Sin of Achan 


Do You Value Your Holiness?

Subject: Preparing for Pentecost 


Do You Want To Be A Millionaire

Subject: The Way They Think 


Does a Weed Know it's a Weed? (Part One)

Subject: Parable of the Tares 


Does a Weed Know it's a Weed? (Part Two)

Subject: Testing and Proving Godly Seed 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Eight)



Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Eleven)

Subject: Dispensationalism 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Five)

Subject: Belief and Unleavened Bread 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Four)

Subject: Fear and Self-Sacrifice 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Fourteen)

Subject: Colossians 2 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Nnie)

Subject: Immortality of the Soul and Gnosticism 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part One)

Subject: Inconsistencies of Mainstream Christianity 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Seven)

Subject: Who or What Do We Fear? 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Six)

Subject: Passover and Wave-sheaf Dating 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Ten)

Subject: Antinomianism 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Thirteen)

Subject: False Teachers 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Three)

Subject: Disintegration of Christianity 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Twelve)

Subject: Gnosticism and 'Eternal Security' 


Does Doctrine Really Matter? (Part Two)

Subject: Are We Committed to Christian Beliefs? 


Does God Always Accept Our Worship Of Him?



Does God Care About History?



Does God Have Wings?

Subject: The Contents of the Tabernacle 


Dog Soldiers



Dogs and Sheep

Subject: Shepherds of the Flock 


Doing Hard Things

Subject: Bearing Burdens 


Doing Righteousness



Dominion and Leaven (Part One)

Subject: Understanding the Kingdom of God 


Dominion and Leaven (Part Two)

Subject: Parables of the Mustard Seed and Leaven 


Don't Allow Fear to Direct Your Life



Don't Be a Cretan

Subject: Titus and the Cretans 


Don't Be a Hunchback



Don't Be a Politician



Don't Be a Prudent Agnostic

Subject: Feast of Trumpets 


Don't Be Indifferent



Don't Be Indifferent (1995)

Subject: Steadfast Faithfulness 


Don't Be Indifferent (2010)

Subject: End Time Attitudes 


Don't Cherry Pick God's Law



Don't Disregard Satan!

Subject: He's Still on the Prowl 


Don't Give Up (2015)!

Subject: Paul's Conversion 


Don't Go Out of the House!

Subject: Remaining with the Church 


Don't hit the snooze - Wake up!

Subject: Keep the desire to change going 


Don't Leave the House!

Subject: Worship and Feast of Unleavened Bread 


Don't Let Your House Stand Empty

Subject: Guarding Against an Infestation of Demons 


Don't Lose Heart!

Subject: Prayer and Faith 


Don't Lose Your Focus!

Subject: We Must Concentrate on Christ's Interests 


Don't Meddle and Always Be Ready to Answer



Don't Stand Still!

Subject: Growth and the Feast of Unleavened Bread 


Don't Stop, Keep Moving



Don't Take God for Granted

Subject: Spiritual Negligence 


Door #1

Subject: Closing the Door 


Doorway to the Kingdom

Subject: Self Awarness and Humility 


Double Minded



Doubting Thomas?

Subject: Why Do We Doubt God? 


Drawing Lines



Dress For Spiritual Success

Subject: Being Modest in an Immodest World 


Dress For Success

Subject: Dressing Before God 



Subject: Drawing Close to God 


Dystopia? Utopia?


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