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Garden of Gethsemane: The Oil Press



General Revelation

Subject: Your Word Is Truth 


Generosity, Works, and Rewards

Subject: There is a Payoff 


Genesis 3:16: Consequences for Eve

Subject: Instructions for Reversing Sin's Curse 


Genesis 3:17-19: Consequences for Adam

Subject: The Value of Hard Work 


Genesis 3:20-24: Consequences for God and Man

Subject: Sin Separates From God 


Gentile Abstentions

Subject: The Judgment of James in Acts 15 


Gentle and Lowly in Heart



Get Understanding

Subject: How We Get To The End Result Is Important 


Getting To Know God

Subject: The New Covenant vs. The Old Covenant 


Gideon's 300

Subject: Lessons from Judges 7 


Gideon's Snare

Subject: Making Right Choices 


Gifted (Part One)



Gifted (Part Two)

Subject: Are We Using Our Gifts? 


Give an Offering? No Sweat!

Subject: Offerings and Good Works 


Giving a Gift Strengthens and Bonds

Subject: Offertory 


Giving All Diligence!

Subject: Make Your Call and Election Sure 


Giving Flows From the Focused Work of God



Giving Ourselves

Subject: Amasiai's Epitaph 


Globalism and the Wisdom of Men

Subject: Religious Discrimination 


Glorify You Me



Glorifying God

Subject: Use Your Life To Glorify God 


Glory and Oneness



Go Not Out of the House






God Alone Can See

Subject: God's Master Plan 


God and Government



God and Reality

Subject: The Feast of Trumpets and Reality 


God and Self-Government



God as Father

Subject: God's Example of Fatherhood 


God Breathes Where He Pleases

Subject: A Closer Look at John 3:8 


God Does Sweat The Small Stuff

Subject: Identifying The Little Sins In Our Life 


God Gives Grace to the Humble

Subject: Seeking Humility Through Service and Obedience 


God Has Faith in You

Subject: Now and When 


God In Us



God Is Not a Mystery Wrapped in an Enigma



God is Omni Agape

Subject: Putting on the Way of 'Give' 


God Is Preparing Us For the Kingdom

Subject: Preparing Us Through Trials and Tribulations 


God Is Writing His Law



God Knows Our Heart

Subject: Tests Let God Know Us 


God of Our Salvation



God of the Living

Subject: Matthew 22:32 and the Afterlife 


God the Father (Part 1)

Subject: The Godhead, Author of Creation, Natural Attributes 


God the Father (Part 2)

Subject: Relationships with the Father 


God the Father (Part 3)

Subject: The Father's Sovereign Purpose Is to Make Us Christ-like 


God the Father in the Old Testament

Subject: Hints of the Father and His Character 


God Wants Us to Think and Remember

Subject: Remembering Keeps Us Humble 


God Wants You

Subject: Promises 


God Will Understand

Subject: The Fear of God 


God Works In Marvelous Ways (Part Four)



God Works in Marvelous Ways (Part One)



God Works in Marvelous Ways (Part Three)



God Works in Marvelous Ways (Part Two)



God Works in Mysterious Ways (Part Five)



God Works in Mysterious Ways (Part Four)



God Works in Mysterious Ways (Part One)



God Works in Mysterious Ways (Part Three)



God Works in Mysterious Ways (Part Two)



God's Calling and Election

Subject: Changing of the Heart 


God's Creation and Our Works

Subject: Reacting to God's Creative Efforts 


God's Devotion

Subject: Genesis 15 


God's Entourage

Subject: Are we wearing the name? 


God's Epistle

Subject: Conduct Becoming A Christian 


God's Faithfulness and Hope

Subject: God Never Gives Up On Us 


God's Good Work in Us

Subject: Called to Become Perfect 


God's Holy Days - Our Shared Vision Of Hope



God's Investment in You

Subject: Having Earnest Desire For God's Kingdom 


God's Jealousy

Subject: The First and Second Commandments 


God's Law in Our Mouths

Subject: Should the Church Teach Moralism? 


God's Law Is Eternal

Subject: Perpetuity and Fulfillment 


God's Love

Subject: Comparing Human Conduct to God's Love 


God's Love and Teachings for His Children



God's Love Language of Touch



God's Love Language's

Subject: Agape Love 


God's Measure of Success

Subject: Faithfulness Supercedes Results 


God's Pattern of the Family

Subject: Family Hierarchy 


God's Perseverance With His Saints (Part One)

Subject: The Father's Protection 


God's Perseverance With His Saints (Part Three)

Subject: Unity and Love 


God's Perseverence With His Saints (Part Two)

Subject: Distinctly Different 


God's Perspective



God's Plan



God's Powerful Gospel

Subject: The Gospel Reveals God's Way of Life 


God's Project

Subject: Our Role in God's Creative Project 


God's Real Transformation



God's Rest (Part 1)

Subject: What is God's Rest? 


God's Rest (Part 2)

Subject: The Peace of God 


God's Rest (Part 3)

Subject: Lust Destroys Peace 


God's Rest (Part 4)

Subject: Lust and Coveting 


God's Rest and the Millennium

Subject: The Millennium Pictures a Cessation and a Beginning 


God's Sea of Glass (Part 1)

Subject: Sanctify and Cleanse 


God's Sea of Glass (Part 2)

Subject: Mingled With Fire 


God's Sense of Justice

Subject: God's Perfect Judgment 


God's Sovereignty and Man's Choice

Subject: God Trains His Children 


God's Sovereignty, Ecclesiastes, and God's Will

Subject: Regarding Us and God's Will 


God's Special Presence and Direct Intervention



God's Spiritual Harvest

Subject: Pentecost, the Harvest of First Fruits 


God's Terroir



God's Tools



God's Vineyard

Subject: The Fruit That God Desires 


God's Warning



God's Way of FOR-GIVE

Subject: Forgiveness and Agape Love 


God's Will



God's Will in the End Time



God's Work For Us

Subject: Christ's Example For Our Work 


God's Workmanship (Part 1)

Subject: Good Works 


God's Workmanship (Part 2)

Subject: God's Goals 


God's Workmanship (Part 3)

Subject: God's Direction 


God's Workmanship (Part 4)

Subject: A New Creation 


God's Wrath and Hell



God, Our Arms Supplier

Subject: Help for Our Spiritual War 


God, Socialism, and Offerings



God, the Church's Greatest Problem

Subject: Seeking God 


God, the End Times, and Massive Movements of People



Godly Character



Godly Fear is Humble Reverence

Subject: Work Out Your Own Salvation With Fear and Trembling  


Godly Jealousy

Subject: God's Consuming Love 


Godly Regret



Godly Sorrow



Godly Training and Admonition

Subject: Parenting of the Lord 


Going on to Perfection



Going On to Perfection

Subject: Striving to Be Like God 


Good Conscience

Subject: Are You Living In Good Conscience Before God? 


Good Old Age




Subject: The Very Serious Sin of Talebearing 


Government (Part Five)

Subject: The Problems of the Government 


Government (Part Four)

Subject: The Government Today 


Government (Part One)

Subject: What is Government? 


Government (Part Seven)

Subject: Authority of the Ministry 


Government (Part Six)

Subject: Humility, the Ministry & Authority 


Government (Part Three)

Subject: The New Covenant's Effect 


Government (Part Two)

Subject: The Old & New Covenants 


Grace Upon Grace

Subject: The Proper Use of Grace 


Grace, Faith, and Love

Subject: The Sin of Presumption in the Church 


Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Four): Favor to Live as God Lives



Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part One): To the Beaten



Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Three): A Faithful Witness to God's Mercy



Grace, Mercy, and Favor (Part Two)

Subject: A Way of Life From God 


Grace, Unleavened Bread, and the Holy Spirit

Subject: Why We Eat Unleavened Bread 


Grapes of Wrath

Subject: The Bibical Imagery of Grapes 


Grateful For Reconciliation

Subject: Thankful For Fellowship With God 


Gratitude, Humility, and our Relationship with God

Subject: Thankfulness is the Key to Relating with God 


Gray Areas in Human Reasoning

Subject: There are no Gray Areas with God 


Grieving the Holy Spirit

Subject: Explaining Ephesians 4:30 


Ground Hog Day - Again?

Subject: Overcoming our resistance to change 


Growing As A First Fruit



Growing Into Liberty

Subject: Freedom and Unleavened Bread 


Growing Up

Subject: Moving Toward Maturity and Responsibility 


Grumpy Old Men



Guarding Against a Laodicean Attitude

Subject: Backsliding 



Subject: Intent to Deceive for Personal Gain 

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