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Jabez: a Roadsign of Hope



James and Unleavened Bread (Part One)

Subject: Justified by Grace and Works 


James and Unleavened Bread (Part Three)

Subject: James 5 


James and Unleavened Bread (Part Two)

Subject: Practical Religion 


James: From Skeptic to Believer

Subject: James, the Half Brother of Jesus 


Je Suis Reconnaissant

Subject: Maintaining A Gratitude Attitude 



Subject: A Lesson in Overcoming 


Jeremiah's Complaint

Subject: Jeremiah Discouragement Became Great and God's Response 


Jerusalem and the Plan of Redemption

Subject: The Earthly Jerusalem Dies, the New Jerusalem Is Eternal 


Jesus and the Robber

Subject: Did the Robber Go To Heaven? 


Jesus Christ's Trial (Part Four)

Subject: Lessons For Our Time 


Jesus Christ's Trial (Part One)

Subject: The Jewish Trial  


Jesus Christ's Trial (Part Three)

Subject: The Roman Trial 


Jesus Christ's Trial (Part Two)

Subject: Illegalities of Christ Trial 


Jesus Christ, the Bearer of Sin



Jesus Christ, the Head of the Church



Jesus Christ: First Savior, Second High Priest, Third King



Jesus Is God

Subject: Scripture Shows Jesus Christ Was Not Created 


Jesus Is Lord Over The Sabbath

Subject: Acknowledging God's Authority Over His Sabbath 


Jesus on His Second Coming

Subject: The Baseline Prophecies 


Jesus on the Holy Spirit

Subject: Christ's Teaching on the Spirit of God 


Jesus the Door

Subject: Follow the Good Shepherd 


Jesus Wept

Subject: Why Jesus Wept 


Jesus' Pre-Existence

Subject: Our Eternal God 


John (Part Eight)

Subject: Jesus Christ's Encounter with the Woman of Samaria  


John (Part Eighteen)

Subject: John 11:1-57 Conquering the Debilitating Fear of Death 


John (Part Eleven)

Subject: The Impossibility of Satisfying a Spiritual Need with a Physical Solution  


John (Part Fifteen)

Subject: John 8:30-9:7 Liberation from Bondage to Sin through God's Spirit  


John (Part Five)

Subject: Choosing Disciples; Beginning Signs; Expelling Moneychangers 


John (Part Four)

Subject: Fulfilled Prophecies Establishing Christ's Messiahship  


John (Part Fourteen)

Subject: God's Approach to Judgment/ Jesus as the Light of the World  


John (Part Nine)

Subject: God the Father and Jesus Christ Work Ceaselessly to Relieve Burdens 


John (Part Nineteen)

Subject: John 12:1-36 A Sublime Sacrifice of Love and Devotion  


John (Part One)

Subject: Distinctions Between John and the Other Gospels  


John (Part Seventeen)

Subject: Love Produces Unity / Self-centeredness Produces Anarchy  


John (Part Sixteen)

Subject: John 9:8-10:14 Spiritual Blindness / Hearing the Master's Voice  


John (Part Ten)

Subject: Identity with God Requires Unconditional Submission to His Will  


John (Part Thirteen)

Subject: The Need for Removing the Blinders of Tradition 


John (Part Three)

Subject: Biblical and Secular Testimonies to Jesus Christ's Divinity  


John (Part Twelve)

Subject: What We Believe Determines What We Do 


John (Part Twenty)

Subject: John 12:24 - 13:1-17 The Essence of Love Is Sacrifice  


John (Part Twenty-Eight)

Subject: John 20:24 - end: The Dramatic Conclusion to the Book of John 


John (Part Twenty-Five)

Subject: John 17:6-21 Eternal Life is Knowing God: Living Life as God Does 


John (Part Twenty-Four)

Subject: Christ's Departing Instructions to His Disciples 


John (Part Twenty-One)

Subject: John 13:15 - 14:6 Jesus' New Commandment: Love Others More Than Self  


John (Part Twenty-Seven)

Subject: John 18:29 - 19:24 Pilate's Futile Attempts to Acquit an Innocent Man 


John (Part Twenty-Six)

Subject: John 17:22 - 18:28 Jesus Christ's Purposeful and Voluntary Sacrifice  


John (Part Twenty-Three)

Subject: John 15:7-25 Our Organic Connection with the True Vine  


John (Part Twenty-Two)

Subject: John 14:7 - 15:6 Promise of the Holy Spirit to Lead Us to Truth  


John (Part Two)

Subject: Jesus Christ as the Reality and the Manifestation of God in the Flesh 


John 3:16: Does God Really Love the World?

Subject: How Far Does God's Love Extend? 


John 7:37 Examined (Part One)

Subject: The Last Day of the Feast and the Last Great Day 


John 7:37 Examined (Part Two)



Jonah, the Whale, and God's Will

Subject: Accept God's Will 


Joseph in Egypt

Subject: Real History in Genesis 


Joseph's Extraordinary Example



Joseph: A Saga of Excellence (Part Four)

Subject: Conclusion of Series 


Joseph: A Saga of Excellence (Part One)

Subject: An Overlooked Man 


Joseph: A Saga of Excellence (Part Three)

Subject: The Trials of Joseph 


Joseph: A Saga of Excellence (Part Two)

Subject: The Life of Joseph 


Joshua and the Gibeonites

Subject: The Fruit of Deception 





Journey for Joy

Subject: Investment of Self Sacrifice 


Journey of the Monarch Butterfly



Joy in the Lord

Subject: An Attitude of Confidence and Hope 


Joy: What Is It?

Subject: A Virtue Beyond Explanation 



Subject: Keeping the Faith! 


Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged (Part One)

Subject: Juding the World 


Judge Not, That You Be Not Judged (Part Two)

Subject: Judging Our Brethren 


Judge or Be Judged

Subject: Self-Correction 





Judging in the Church

Subject: Very Limited Authority 


Judging the World Through Judging Now

Subject: Learning to Judge in Preparing for God's Kingdom 


Judgment According to Works

Subject: Deeds Do Matter 


Judgments: Past, Present, and Future



Just What is Mercy?



Justice and Grace

Subject: Understanding Holiness, Justice, Sin and Grace 

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