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Katrina, Rita, Trumpets, and Judgment

Subject: What We Can Learn from Disaster 


Keep It Clean

Subject: Offeratory 


Keep It Clean!

Subject: The Source of Our Offerings Matters 


Keep Walking



Keep Your Heart With All Diligence!



Keep Yourself From Idols

Subject: Idolatry 


Keeping God's Standards

Subject: Living by God's Ways 


Keeping Love Alive (Part One)

Subject: Contributing Toward A Good Relationship With Christ 


Keeping Love Alive (Part Two)

Subject: What You Do When You Love A Person 


Keeping Our Focus Through Stormy Seas



Keeping the Truth Pure

Subject: Using Right Reason and Source for Correct Doctrine 


Key Ingredients of Vision

Subject: Offertory 


King Solomon's Mines



Knowing a True Shepherd



Knowing Christ (Part 1)

Subject: Death 


Knowing Christ (Part 2)

Subject: The Fellowship of His Sufferings 


Knowing Christ (Part 3)

Subject: Moving Toward Perfection 


Knowing Christ (Part 4)

Subject: Pursuing Perfection Through Sacrifice 


Knowing God

Subject: Singleness of Mind 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Five)

Subject: Specifics Regarding Christian Adorning 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Four)

Subject: Clothing Shows We Are Redeemed 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part One)

Subject: The Purpose Defines the Decorum 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Seven)

Subject: Who We Are 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Six)

Subject: Becoming Childlike 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Three)

Subject: Hair Length and Clothing Reflect The Heart 


Knowing God: Formality and Customs (Part Two)

Subject: Coming Before God 


Knowing, Following, and Striving for Christ

Subject: Philippians 3:10-14 


Knowledge and Wisdom


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