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Labor Pains

Subject: End-Time Contractions 


Lacking Nothing (Part One)

Subject: Biblical Monetary System 


Lacking Nothing (Part Three)

Subject: Owe No Man Anything 


Lacking Nothing (Part Two)

Subject: Biblical Weights and Measures 


Lamentations (Part Eight)

Subject: Learning From Lamentations 


Lamentations (Part Eight; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 4:6 - 5:22, Conclusion 


Lamentations (Part Five)



Lamentations (Part Five; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 2:17 - 3:24 


Lamentations (Part Four)

Subject: God Did It 


Lamentations (Part Four; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 2:1-16 


Lamentations (Part One)

Subject: Songs of Grief and Woe  


Lamentations (Part One; 1989)

Subject: Apostle Paul's Physical Hardships 


Lamentations (Part Seven)

Subject: Chapters Four and Five 


Lamentations (Part Seven; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 3:55 - 4:22 


Lamentations (Part Six)



Lamentations (Part Six; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 3:24-54 


Lamentations (Part Three)

Subject: Jerusalem Speaks 


Lamentations (Part Three; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 1:7-22 


Lamentations (Part Two)



Lamentations (Part Two; 1989)

Subject: Lamentations 1 



Subject: Love of Beauty Without Love of Holiness 


Laodiceanism and Being There Next Year

Subject: Seeking God 


Law and Spirit Together

Subject: Not Law or Grace; Law AND Grace 


Laying Aside Every Weight

Subject: Accepting Reality and Choosing Our Response 


Lazarus and the Rich Man

Subject: A Castigation of Pharisaism 


Leadership and Covenants (Part Eighteen)



Leadership and Covenants (Part Fifteen)



Leadership and Covenants (Part Nineteen)



Leadership and Covenants (Part Seventeen)



Leadership and Covenants (Part Sixteen)



Leadership and Covenants (Part Twenty-Two)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Eight)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Eleven)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Five)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Four)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Fourteen)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Nine)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part One)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Seven)

Subject: Marks of Sin Cannot Be Hidden 


Leadership and the Covenants (Part Six)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Ten)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Thirteen)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Three)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Twelve)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Twenty)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Twenty-One)



Leadership and the Covenants (Part Two)



Learn to Fear God

Subject: An Instrument of Construction or Destruction 


Learning to Live in the Light



Learning to Navigate

Subject: Don't Just Steer, Chart a Course! 


Leavening, The Types

Subject: Recongnizing Leavening 


Leaves of Healing?

Subject: Are We Following the Light? 


Leaving Sodom

Subject: Forsaking This World 


Lessons for Parents From the Trenches

Subject: Raising Godly Seed 


Lessons from Elijah's Work



Lessons from Lot

Subject: The Anti-Hero In Us All 


Lessons From Mount Ebal and Mount Gerizim



Lessons From the Animals

Subject: What Can Animals Teach Us? 


Lessons on Remembering

Subject: N/A 


Let's Get Real!

Subject: Truth Equals Reality 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Eight): Overcoming

Subject: Striving and Enduring to Transform Into Christ's Image 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Eleven): Laodicea

Subject: The Curse of Eternal Security 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Five): Thyatira

Subject: Married to the Enemy 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Four): Pergamos

Subject: Cultural Compromisers 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Nine): Philadelphia



Letters to Seven Churches (Part One): Introduction

Subject: A Form of Personal Communication 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Seven): Repentance



Letters to Seven Churches (Part Six): Sardis

Subject: Dead Men Walking 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Ten): The Church

Subject: Vessels of Gold, Vessels of Clay 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Three): Smyrna

Subject: Sheep to the Slaughter 


Letters to Seven Churches (Part Two): Ephesus

Subject: Crusty Old Soldiers 


Letting Go (Part One)

Subject: The Dangers of Our American Heritage 


Letting Go (Part Two): Avoid the Void

Subject: The Responsibilities of Our Calling 


Liberality and Legalism

Subject: Examples of Self-Worship 


Liberty and Justice for All



Liberty or Independence?

Subject: Christian Liberty 


Liberty Through Self-Control

Subject: Christian Freedom Derives from Self-Government 


Liberty vs. Independence

Subject: Christian Freedom 


Libya in Prophecy

Subject: Linked Closely with Egypt 


Life as a Shepherd

Subject: God's Faith Building Plan 


Life Can Be Beautiful

Subject: If We Are Involved in the Right Things 


Life Doesn't Work on a Balance Sheet

Subject: Why Bad Things Happen 


Life in Sodom

Subject: As in the Days of Lot 


Life in the Church



Life in the Quarry

Subject: Living Stones Being Shaped by God 


Life Is An Ongoing Test

Subject: Building Character 


Life Is Service (Part One)

Subject: Created to Serve 


Life Is Service (Part Two)



Life Is Worth Living



Life, Fortunes, Sacred Honor

Subject: Commitment 


Lift Up Your Voice Like a Trumpet

Subject: Reasons for the Blowing of Trumpets 


Light is Precious

Subject: Avoiding Spiritual Door Jambs 


Limited Atonement

Subject: Each In His Own Order 


Limiting the Holy One of Israel (Part One)

Subject: Examining Ourselves by God's Standard 


Limiting the Holy One of Israel (Part Two)

Subject: Causes for Limiting God 


Listen To The Lamb's Voice

Subject: Releasing The Sword of Vengeance 


Listen, Wait, and Then Speak

Subject: James 1:19 



Subject: Hearing, Understanding, and Doing 


Little Things

Subject: Being Faithful In ALL That God Has Given Us 


Living a Life that Pleases God



Living Abundantly In Tough Times

Subject: It's All in Our Perspective 


Living Among the Ruins



Living by Faith: God's Grace (Part Four)

Subject: It Is Absolutely Necessary 


Living by Faith: God's Grace (Part One)



Living by Faith: God's Grace (Part Three)



Living by Faith: God's Grace (Part Two)



Living By Faith: God's Justice



Living by Faith: God's Sovereignty



Living by Faith: Human Pride

Subject: Pride and Humility Contrasted 


Living By Faith: Humility



Living by Faith: Humility and God's Justice

Subject: Humility is a Choice 


Living by the Sword

Subject: Following Christ's Example 


Living Up to Our Responsibilities

Subject: Sermonette 



Subject: Our Keeping the Law is Like "Shibboleth" 


Lonely, But Not Forsaken



Look Into the Mirror

Subject: God's Law is to Identify Sin and Know God's Will 


Looking Back to the Future

Subject: Staying On the Right Track 


Looking Forward

Subject: Eyes on the Prize 


Looking Forward (Part 1)

Subject: 2 Peter 3 


Looking Forward (Part 2)

Subject: Beware Lest You Fall 


Looks Fair, Feels Foul



Lord, Increase Our Faith

Subject: The Parable of the Unprofitable Servants 


Lot's Day and Our Day




Subject: Loving Him and Our Bretheren 


Love and Fellowship

Subject: The World in the Church 


Love and Works

Subject: Knowing Christ's Word 


Love God, Love Neighbor

Subject: Manifesting Godly Love 


Love Thy Neighbor

Subject: Lessons from Amos 


Love Thy Neighbor (Part 1)

Subject: Loving Your Neighbor 


Love Thy Neighbor (Part 2)

Subject: Defining Who Is Our Brother 


Love Without Works Is Dead



Love's Basic Definition

Subject: What is Love? 


Love's Emotional Dimension

Subject: God and Love 


Love's Greatest Challenges

Subject: Using God's Love in Our Lives 


Love's Importance and Source

Subject: Where Love Begins 


Loving Christ

Subject: The Problem with Floating 


Loving Christ and Revelation 2:1-7

Subject: Receiving Salvation 


Loving God

Subject: Loving God With All Our Heart, Soul, Mind and Strength 


Loving God's Law: The Thread of Reality



Loving Ourself?

Subject: Replacing Self Esteem with Godly Esteem 


Loving Your Enemy

Subject: Making Faithful Choices 


Loyalty and Submission (Part 1)

Subject: Loyalty to Christ is Dependent Upon Submission 


Loyalty and Submission (Part 2)

Subject: Submission Teaches Leadership 


Loyalty and Submission (Part 3)

Subject: Love and Submission 'As To Christ' 


Loyalty to the Body

Subject: How Much is the Church Worth? 


Lust of the Flesh, Lust of the Eyes, Pride of Life




Subject: The Proverbs 31 Woman of the New Testament 




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