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Made By Fire

Subject: A Dedicated Life 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part 1)

Subject: Grace is a Work of God 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part 2)

Subject: Grace Then Works 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part 3)

Subject: The Work to Produce Fruit 


Maintaining Christian Zeal



Maintaining Good Health (Part 2)

Subject: Cleanliness 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 1)

Subject: Stewardship of Our Bodies 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 10)

Subject: Truth and Health 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 11)

Subject: Self-Control 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 12)

Subject: Our Relationship With God 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 13)

Subject: Faith 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 14)

Subject: Biblical Principles Regarding Food 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 3)

Subject: Food and Banquets 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 4)

Subject: More Biblical Examples of Eating 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 5)

Subject: Food Metaphors; Esau and Jacob 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 6)

Subject: The Difference Between Jacob and Esau 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 7)

Subject: Our Spiritual Diet 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 8)

Subject: Bread of Life 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 9)

Subject: Putting Truth Into Practice 


Make Every Day Count

Subject: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights 


Make Straight His Path

Subject: Recognizing How Our Fears Effect Our Relationships 


Make Sure of Your Focus

Subject: Concentate on What's Important 


Making a Commitment to Overcome

Subject: Setting and Obtaning Spiritual Goals 


Making Faithful Choices (Part One)

Subject: Gideon 


Making Faithful Choices (Part Two)



Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Four)

Subject: Malachi 3:13 to 4:6 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part One)

Subject: Malachi 1:1 to 2:9 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Three)

Subject: Malachi 2:17 to 3:12 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Two)

Subject: Malachi 2:10 to 2:16 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part 1)

Subject: The Foundation of Belief 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part 2)

Subject: Confidence in God's Word 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part 3)

Subject: The Gift of the Ministry 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part 4)

Subject: True Christians 


Man's Greatest Creation?

Subject: Maintaining Focus on the Kingdom 



Subject: A Lesson in Repentance 


Manifesting Authority



Manifesting Kindness

Subject: Exceeding Riches Of His Grace In His Kindness 


Manoah, Father of Samson



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Five)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Four)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part One)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Three)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Two)

Subject: Church History 


Many Excuses

Subject: Self-Justifying and True Justification 


Mark: Stupid, Unbelieving Disciples

Subject: God Calls the Weak and Foolish 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 1)

Subject: Submission in the Fear of Christ 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 10)

Subject: The Privileges the Bride Receives 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 11)

Subject: The Husband's Responsibility 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 12)

Subject: Unity 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 2)

Subject: General Marriage Principles 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 3)

Subject: The Order of Creation 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 4)

Subject: Analogy of the Body 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 5)

Subject: The Husband's Love 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 6)

Subject: The Bride of Christ 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 7)

Subject: The Cleansing of the Bride 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 8)

Subject: The Bride: Nourished, Cherished, and Glorified 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part 9)

Subject: Becoming One Flesh 


Martha, Martha

Subject: Properly Discerning our Gifts 


Mary's Eternal Memorial

Subject: Christ's Commendation to Mary for her Spirit of Sacrifice  


Matthew (Part 1)

Subject: Matthew's Emphasis on Jesus' Kingship and Jewish Roots  


Matthew (Part 10)

Subject: Matthew 7:1-14 


Matthew (Part 11)

Subject: Matthew 7:13-29 


Matthew (Part 12)

Subject: Matthew 7:14-29 (Review) 


Matthew (Part 14)

Subject: Matthew 9:9-38 


Matthew (Part 15)

Subject: Matthew 10:1-34 


Matthew (Part 16)

Subject: Matthew 10:34-11:30 


Matthew (Part 17)

Subject: Matthew 12:1-37 


Matthew (Part 18)

Subject: Matthew 12:38-13:32 


Matthew (Part 19)

Subject: Matthew 13:44-14:36 


Matthew (Part 2)

Subject: Jesus' Early Life; John the Baptist 


Matthew (Part 20)

Subject: Matthew 15:1-31 


Matthew (Part 21)

Subject: Matthew 16:1-19 


Matthew (Part 22)

Subject: Matthew 24 


Matthew (Part 23)

Subject: Matthew 17-18 Relationships with God and Man 


Matthew (Part 24)

Subject: Matthew 18:1-22 


Matthew (Part 25)

Subject: Matthew 18:21-30 


Matthew (Part 26)

Subject: Matthew 20:19 - 21:11 


Matthew (Part 27)

Subject: Matthew 21:11 - 32 


Matthew (Part 28)

Subject: Matthew 21:33 - 22:45 


Matthew (Part 29)

Subject: Matthew 23 Assorted Questions from Members/ Avoiding Sin does not equate to Doing Good  


Matthew (Part 3)

Subject: Matthew 3:13 - 4:23 


Matthew (Part 30)



Matthew (Part 31)

Subject: Matthew 26:1 - end 


Matthew (Part 4)

Subject: Matthew 4:23 - 5:4 


Matthew (Part 5)

Subject: Matthew 5:5-9 


Matthew (Part 6)

Subject: Matthew 5:10-20 


Matthew (Part 7)

Subject: Matthew 5:20 - 48 


Matthew (Part 8)

Subject: Matthew 6:1-9 


Matthew 24:34: 'This Generation'

Subject: Which Generation? 


May Day: A Pagan Sabbath

Subject: Origins and Meaning Of May 1st 


Me, Myself, and You

Subject: Recognizing the Dangers of the "Selfie" Generation 


Measuring God

Subject: Recognizing the Scale of the Creationand the Creator 


Meditate on These Things

Subject: True Christian Meditation 



Subject: Preventing Spiritual Identity Theft 


Mercy and Justice

Subject: Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment 


Mercy, Pilgrimage, and Providence

Subject: God's Guarantee to Supply All Our Real Needs 


Metaphors of God's Word

Subject: What God Designed the Bible To Do 



Subject: When He Dies It Will Come 


Misplacing Hope

Subject: Misplacing our Hope in Man 


Mitigating the Risk of Sin

Subject: How to Reduce the Likelihood of Sin 


Mixed with Faith

Subject: Day of Atonement Offering 


Modesty (Part 1): Moderation and Propriety

Subject: Who Is In Charge of Your Life? 


Modesty (Part 2): Put On Righteousness



Money and Balancing Prosperity



Money Answers All

Subject: Money Has Shortcomings 


Money in the Bank



Money Is Power

Subject: A Willingness to Share 


Money's Power to Distort



Money, Control and Sacrifice

Subject: Why God Wants Offerings 


Money, Control and Sacrifice

Subject: Offering 


Moral Courage

Subject: Courage is Upholding Godly Morality 


Moral Sympathy and Spiritual Confusion

Subject: Music 


More Blessed To Give Than Receive

Subject: Why Giving Is Good 


More Righteous Than the Pharisees?

Subject: Living a Righteous Life 


More Than Conquerors

Subject: An Explanation of Romans 8:37 


Moses, Servant of God



Motivation to Endure



Motivation to Endure

Subject: Keeping the Goal in Mind 


Mr. Darby, Mr. Scofield, and God's Law



Much Greater Than Ourselves

Subject: Spiritual Ruggedness 


My Brothers Keeper?

Subject: Assumption Can Be Dangerous 


My Hour Has Not Yet Come



My Parents Won't Let Me!

Subject: Reaching the Age of Accountability 


My Peace I Give You

Subject: Christ's Gift of Peace and Harmony 

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