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Made By Fire

Subject: A Dedicated Life 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part One)

Subject: Grace is a Work of God 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part Three)

Subject: The Work to Produce Fruit 


Magic Doesn't Work (Part Two)

Subject: Grace Then Works 


Maintaining Christian Zeal



Maintaining Good Health (Part 1)

Subject: Stewardship of Our Bodies 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 10)

Subject: Truth and Health 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 11)

Subject: Self-Control 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 12)

Subject: Our Relationship With God 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 13)

Subject: Faith 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 14)

Subject: Biblical Principles Regarding Food 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 2)

Subject: Cleanliness 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 3)

Subject: Food and Banquets 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 4)

Subject: More Biblical Examples of Eating 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 5)

Subject: Food Metaphors; Esau and Jacob 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 6)

Subject: The Difference Between Jacob and Esau 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 7)

Subject: Our Spiritual Diet 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 8)

Subject: Bread of Life 


Maintaining Good Health (Part 9)

Subject: Putting Truth Into Practice 


Make Every Day Count

Subject: Wasted Days and Wasted Nights 


Make Straight His Path

Subject: Recognizing How Our Fears Effect Our Relationships 


Make Sure of Your Focus

Subject: Concentate on What's Important 


Making a Commitment to Overcome

Subject: Setting and Obtaning Spiritual Goals 


Making Faithful Choices (Part One)

Subject: Gideon 


Making Faithful Choices (Part Two)



Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Four)

Subject: Malachi 3:13 to 4:6 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part One)

Subject: Malachi 1:1 to 2:9 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Three)

Subject: Malachi 2:17 to 3:12 


Malachi's Appeal to Backsliders (Part Two)

Subject: Malachi 2:10 to 2:16 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part Four)

Subject: True Christians 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part One)

Subject: The Foundation of Belief 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part Three)

Subject: The Gift of the Ministry 


Man's Greatest Challenge (Part Two)

Subject: Confidence in God's Word 


Man's Greatest Creation?

Subject: Maintaining Focus on the Kingdom 



Subject: A Lesson in Repentance 


Manifesting Authority



Manifesting Kindness

Subject: Exceeding Riches Of His Grace In His Kindness 


Manoah, Father of Samson



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Eight)



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Eleven)



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Five)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Four)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Nine)



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part One)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Seven)

Subject: Parable of the Sower 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Six)

Subject: Church History - AD 20th Century 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Ten)



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Three)

Subject: Church History 


Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Twelve)



Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen (Part Two)

Subject: Church History 


Many Excuses

Subject: Self-Justifying and True Justification 


Mark: Stupid, Unbelieving Disciples

Subject: God Calls the Weak and Foolish 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Eight)

Subject: The Bride: Nourished, Cherished, and Glorified 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Eleven)

Subject: The Husband's Responsibility 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Five)

Subject: The Husband's Love 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Four)

Subject: Analogy of the Body 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Nine)

Subject: Becoming One Flesh 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part One)

Subject: Submission in the Fear of Christ 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Seven)

Subject: The Cleansing of the Bride 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Six)

Subject: The Bride of Christ 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Ten)

Subject: The Privileges the Bride Receives 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Three)

Subject: The Order of Creation 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Twelve)

Subject: Unity 


Marriage and the Bride of Christ (Part Two)

Subject: General Marriage Principles 


Martha, Martha

Subject: Properly Discerning our Gifts 


Mary's Eternal Memorial

Subject: Christ's Commendation to Mary for her Spirit of Sacrifice  


Matthew (Part Eight)

Subject: Matthew 6:1-9 


Matthew (Part Eighteen)

Subject: Matthew 12:38-13:32 


Matthew (Part Eleven)

Subject: Matthew 7:13-29 


Matthew (Part Fifteen)

Subject: Matthew 10:1-34 


Matthew (Part Five)

Subject: Matthew 5:5-9 


Matthew (Part Four)

Subject: Matthew 4:23 - 5:4 


Matthew (Part Fourteen)

Subject: Matthew 9:9-38 


Matthew (Part Nineteen)

Subject: Matthew 13:44-14:36 


Matthew (Part One)

Subject: Matthew's Emphasis on Jesus' Kingship and Jewish Roots  


Matthew (Part Seven)

Subject: Matthew 5:20 - 48 


Matthew (Part Seventeen)

Subject: Matthew 12:1-37 


Matthew (Part Six)

Subject: Matthew 5:10-20 


Matthew (Part Sixteen)

Subject: Matthew 10:34-11:30 


Matthew (Part Ten)

Subject: Matthew 7:1-14 


Matthew (Part Thirty)



Matthew (Part Thirty-One)

Subject: Matthew 26:1 - end 


Matthew (Part Three)

Subject: Matthew 3:13 - 4:23 


Matthew (Part Twelve)

Subject: Matthew 7:14-29 (Review) 


Matthew (Part Twenty)

Subject: Matthew 15:1-31 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Eight)

Subject: Matthew 21:33 - 22:45 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Five)

Subject: Matthew 18:21-30 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Four)

Subject: Matthew 18:1-22 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Nine)

Subject: Matthew 23 Assorted Questions from Members/ Avoiding Sin does not equate to Doing Good  


Matthew (Part Twenty-One)

Subject: Matthew 16:1-19 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Seven)

Subject: Matthew 21:11 - 32 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Six)

Subject: Matthew 20:19 - 21:11 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Three)

Subject: Matthew 17-18 Relationships with God and Man 


Matthew (Part Twenty-Two)

Subject: Matthew 24 


Matthew (Part Two)

Subject: Jesus' Early Life; John the Baptist 


Matthew 24:34: 'This Generation'

Subject: Which Generation? 


May Day: A Pagan Sabbath

Subject: Origins and Meaning Of May 1st 


Me, Myself, and You

Subject: Recognizing the Dangers of the "Selfie" Generation 


Measuring God

Subject: Recognizing the Scale of the Creationand the Creator 


Meditate on These Things

Subject: True Christian Meditation 



Subject: Preventing Spiritual Identity Theft 



Subject: The Mercifulness of God 


Mercy and Justice

Subject: Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment 


Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment

Subject: Becoming Like our Father of Mercies  


Mercy, Pilgrimage, and Providence

Subject: God's Guarantee to Supply All Our Real Needs 


Metaphors of God's Word

Subject: What God Designed the Bible To Do 



Subject: When He Dies It Will Come 


Misplacing Hope

Subject: Misplacing our Hope in Man 


Mitigating the Risk of Sin

Subject: How to Reduce the Likelihood of Sin 


Mixed with Faith

Subject: Day of Atonement Offering 


Modesty (Part One): Moderation and Propriety

Subject: Who Is In Charge of Your Life? 


Modesty (Part Two): Put On Righteousness



Money and Balancing Prosperity



Money Answers All

Subject: Money Has Shortcomings 


Money in the Bank



Money Is Power

Subject: A Willingness to Share 


Money's Power to Distort



Money, Control and Sacrifice (2010)

Subject: Why God Wants Offerings 


Money, Control and Sacrifice (2015)

Subject: Offering 


Money, Control, and Sacrifice



Moral Courage

Subject: Courage is Upholding Godly Morality 


Moral Sympathy and Spiritual Confusion

Subject: Music 


More Blessed To Give Than Receive

Subject: Why Giving Is Good 


More Righteous Than the Pharisees?

Subject: Living a Righteous Life 


More Than Conquerors

Subject: An Explanation of Romans 8:37 


Moses, Servant of God



Motivation to Endure



Motivation to Endure

Subject: Keeping the Goal in Mind 


Mr. Darby, Mr. Scofield, and God's Law



Much Greater Than Ourselves

Subject: Spiritual Ruggedness 


Murder by Degrees



My Brothers Keeper?

Subject: Assumption Can Be Dangerous 


My Hour Has Not Yet Come



My Parents Won't Let Me!

Subject: Reaching the Age of Accountability 


My Peace I Give You

Subject: Christ's Gift of Peace and Harmony 

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