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Obeying From the Heart

Subject: Stability in Mind, Heart, and Will 


Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear



Of Freedom and Independence



Of Great Price Indeed



Of One Accord

Subject: Unity 


Of Snowflakes and Suns and Glory



Of What Will the World Convict You?

Subject: Guilty of Righteousness 


Offences Must Come



Offended By Truth



Offering From the Heart

Subject: A Kingly Offering 


Offerings (Part 1)



Offerings (Part 2)



Offerings (Part 3)



Offerings (Part 4)



Offerings (Part 5)



Offerings (Part 6)



Offerings (Part 7)



Offerings and Sacrificing

Subject: Deuteronomy 16:1-2 


Offerings and Taxes

Subject: A Thoughtful Process 


Offerings as Object Lessons

Subject: Teaching Us to Serve Selflessly 


Offertory: Count Your Blessings

Subject: Blessings, Joy, and Thanksgiving 


Offertory: If You Do Well

Subject: Righteous Character and Acceptable Offerings 


Offertory: Industriousness And Prosperity



Offertory: Why Work?



Old Age

Subject: Barzillai, Man of Iron 


Omni Agape

Subject: Perfact Love Cast's Out Fear 


Omniagape and the Way of Give

Subject: Focusing on Giving Agape Love 


On Earning Wealth



On the Mend

Subject: God's Remarkable Design for Our Healing 


On This Side of Jordan



On Works



One by One Until Done



One God and One God Only

Subject: Abraham's Example of Putting God First 


One Nation Under God (Part One)



One Nation Under God (Part Two)



One of the Greatest Truths

Subject: Difficulty in the Christian Life 


Optimus Modus



Order in the Midst of Chaos



Original Sin and Holiness

Subject: Sin Is Extensive 


Our Affinity to Christ

Subject: What It Means to Be a Firstfruit 


Our Apostasy

Subject: Psalm 23 


Our Awesome Destiny

Subject: Becoming Children of God Through Faith 


Our Awesome Destiny (1993)

Subject: The Kingdom of God 


Our Awesome Destiny (2000)

Subject: Preparing for Our Roles in the Kingdom 


Our Bread of Life

Subject: Life Through the Resurrection 


Our Call to Courage

Subject: From Fear to Courage 


Our Closest Neighbors

Subject: Learn to Love Within the Family 


Our Common Experience

Subject: Walking the Narrow Path with God's Brethren 


Our Common Goal

Subject: Uncommon Soldiers With A Common Goal 


Our Core Business



Our Core Understanding

Subject: The Bedrock of Our Belief 


Our Daily Bread of Affliction

Subject: Overcoming hypocrisy through self-sacrifice 


Our Day Of Alarm

Subject: The Parables of Matthew 25 


Our Divine Destiny

Subject: To Be God 


Our Divine Fellowship



Our Father

Subject: His Role in His Family 


Our Father's Joy

Subject: Lessons From Abigal and Nabal 


Our Final Performance Review

Subject: Developing Diligent Stewardship 


Our God-Given Need to Sacrifice

Subject: Sacrifice and Graditude 


Our Hope

Subject: Hope Supports Our Faith 


Our Journey from Passover to Pentecost

Subject: Counting 50 Days 


Our Latter End



Our Merciful and Faithful Provider



Our Miraculous Calling

Subject: Knowing and Responding to our Calling 


Our Mission Possible

Subject: Overcoming Our Idolatries 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Five): Cultivating Patience

Subject: Patience 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Four): Cultivating Peace

Subject: Cultivating the Fruit of Peace 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part One)

Subject: Cultivating the Fruits of God's Holy Spirit (Spiritual Share Croppers) 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Seven): Cultivating Goodness

Subject: Yielding to God's Divine Purpose 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Six): Cultivating Kindness

Subject: Cultivating the Fruit of Kindness 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Three): Cultivating Joy

Subject: Short Term Happiness, Long Term Joy 


Our Part in the Sanctification Process (Part Two): Cultivating Love

Subject: Cultivating Mature Self-Love 


Our Personal Plumblines

Subject: Judging Ourselves 


Our Privilege

Subject: Offeratory 


Our Reasonable Service

Subject: Daily Sacrifices to Take Care of God's Temple 


Our Spiritual Compass

Subject: Navigating Our Emotion Ocean with the Spiritual Tools God Provides 


Our Spiritual Marathon

Subject: Drawing Near To God 


Our Spiritual Reality

Subject: Walking in Faith 


Our Spiritual Wilderness

Subject: Red Sea Trials 


Our Trusted Source of Truth (Part One)

Subject: We Are Surrounded By Deceit 


Our Trusted Source of Truth (Part Two)

Subject: Accepting Hard Times 


Our Walk Out of Darkness Into the Light

Subject: Fellowship and Confession of Sin 


Our Walk With God

Subject: Components of Unleavened Living 


Out of Bounds



Out Of Egypt

Subject: Leaving the Leaven Behind 


Out of the Abundance of Your Prayers Your Heart Speaks

Subject: Additional Purposes of Prayer 



Subject: No Man is an Island 


Outline: A Survey of God's Gifts to Us



Outside the Normal Pattern of Order



Overcoming Discouragement and Depression

Subject: Practical Applications 


Overcoming Hypocrisy

Subject: Cultural Transference of Hypocrisy 


Overcoming Is A Choice

Subject: We Stand Or Fall By Our Choices 


Overcoming Satan's Competitive Spirit



Overcoming the Leaven of Fear



Overcoming Troubled Hearts


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