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Parables of Matthew 13 (Part 1): The Mustard Seed

Subject: The Parable of the Mustard Seed 


Parables of Matthew 13 (Part 2): Leaven

Subject: The Parable of the Leaven 


Parables of Matthew 13 (Part 3): Hidden Treasure

Subject: The Parable of the Dragnet 


Parental Examples

Subject: The Two Sides of Fatherhood 


Parental Leadership

Subject: Using God-Given Authority 





Parenting (Part 1): Principles

Subject: Foundational Principles of Parenting 


Parenting (Part 2): Fathers

Subject: Fatherhood 


Parenting (Part 3): Mothers

Subject: Motherhood 


Parenting (Part 4): Discipline

Subject: Factors in Correction 


Parenting (Part 5): Methods

Subject: Training Children 


Part of the Plan



Passionate Patience



Passover (Part Eight)

Subject: Josiah, Hezekiah and Deuteronomy 


Passover (Part Five)

Subject: When Did the Exodus Begin? 


Passover (Part Four)

Subject: How To Keep Passover 


Passover (Part Nine)

Subject: Deuteronomy 16 and Passover 


Passover (Part One)

Subject: The Importance of Keeping it Properly 


Passover (Part Seven)

Subject: God's Festivals and Paganism 


Passover (Part Six)

Subject: Passover and the Tabernacle 


Passover (Part Ten)

Subject: Passover in the New Testament 


Passover (Part Three)

Subject: John 6 


Passover (Part Two)

Subject: Can The Jews Be Trusted? 


Passover and Hope

Subject: A Ray of Hope Beyond Our Troubles 


Passover and I Corinthians 10

Subject: Passover 


Passover and New Creation



Passover and the Blood of Jesus Christ

Subject: Spiritual Completion and Eternal Life 


Passover Preparedness



Passover: An Extraordinary Peace Offering










Subject: I Can't Wait To Have It 


Patience With Growth

Subject: Producing Fruit Takes Time 


Patiently Waiting for Christ's Return

Subject: Active Patience 


Patriotism, the Summer Soldier, and Our Times (Part One)



Patriotism, the Summer Soldier, and Our Times (Part Two)



Patterns of Resistance

Subject: Recognizing the Origins of Our Sinful Nature 


Patterns That We Live With

Subject: Playing Games With Divine Dichotomies 


Paul's Letter to Titus (Part 1)

Subject: False Doctrine and Teachers vs. Sound Leaders 


Paul's Letter to Titus (Part 2)

Subject: Sound Doctrine and Good Works 


Paul: Grace, Law, and Obedience

Subject: Paul and the Law 



Subject: The True Meaning of Peace 


Peace in the Storm

Subject: Trusting God Has Not Forsaken Us 


Peace With God



Peace with God Through Christ

Subject: Justification and Peace 



Subject: Trumpets and Peace 


Peacemaking and Unity

Subject: Peacemaking is submitting to God 


Penalty of Death



Pentecost - The Beginning - All in All



Pentecost and Hope

Subject: Pentecost's Types Provide Confidence 


Pentecost and Speaking In Tongues

Subject: Modern Speaking in Tongues Is Not of God 


Pentecost and the Book of Ruth

Subject: Pentecost Lessons in Ruth 


Pentecost And The Holy Spirit

Subject: The Engagement of Christ 


Pentecost and the Holy Spirit

Subject: The Spirit's Association with Pentecost 


Pentecost and the Wave Offerings

Subject: Peace and Satisfaction With God 


Pentecost and Time

Subject: Living in Sync With God 


Pentecost, Consistency, and Honesty

Subject: The Basics of Counting to Pentecost 


Perfect In His Generations

Subject: Understanding Genesis 6:9 


Perfect Through Suffering

Subject: Following the Author of Salvation's Example of Suffering 


Perfect, Gentle Courtesy (Part 1)

Subject: Excellence in Character Produces Good Manners 


Perfect, Gentle Courtesy (Part 2)

Subject: Real Gentlemen and Ladies Are Polite and Patient 


Perfect, Gentle Courtesy (Part 3)

Subject: Good Manners of Children and Kindly Affection 






Subject: A Reality for Christians 





Perseverance and Hope

Subject: Our Hope Must Be In God 



Subject: Repeating History 



Subject: Keeping a Godly Outlook 


Peter's Pentecost Sermon

Subject: Christians Under Judgment and Pentecost 


Philip the Witness

Subject: Zealous Service With Humility 


Philippians (Part Eight)

Subject: Philippians 3:1-16 


Philippians (Part Five)

Subject: Philippians 2:1-14 


Philippians (Part Four)

Subject: Philippians 2:1-13 


Philippians (Part Nine)

Subject: Philippians 3:12 - 4:3 


Philippians (Part One)

Subject: Background and Philippians 1:1-6 


Philippians (Part Seven)

Subject: Philippians 3:1-11 


Philippians (Part Six)

Subject: Philippians 2:12 - 3:3  


Philippians (Part Ten)

Subject: Philippians 3:12 - 4:23 


Philippians (Part Three)

Subject: Philippians 1:12 - 2:4 


Philippians (Part Two)

Subject: Philippians 1:6-26 


Pilgrims in a Strange Land

Subject: Attachment to Worldly Things 


Pillars in the Temple of God




Subject: Spiritual Sonar - The Assurance of God's Faithfulness 


Pitfalls of Scholarship

Subject: Scholarship's Missing Dimension 


Places of Safety (Part One)

Subject: God's Promised Protection 


Places of Safety (Part Two)



Planning and Preparation



Points of Reference

Subject: Safely Navigating Our Sanctification 


Poles Apart

Subject: The Ploys of Satan 


Politics and Christ's Return

Subject: Liberalism and Conservatism 


Poor Choices

Subject: Whom Will We Choose to Lead Us? 


Poor in Spirit

Subject: Matthew 5:3 


Portrait of a King

Subject: Preparing for our Future Positions 


Positive Aspects of Atonement

Subject: 5 Elements of Atonement 


Post-Resurrection Lessons

Subject: Teachings of Christ After He Rose 


Potential for Good

Subject: Doing Good is not Easy 



Subject: Faithfulness With a Little Strength 


Power Belongs to God (Part 1)

Subject: The Handwriting Is On The Wall 


Power Belongs to God (Part 2)

Subject: To Whom Do You Turn In Your Time of Need? 


Powerful Effects of the Holy Spirit

Subject: Pentecost: A Feast of Power and Special Calling 


Powers of Christ

Subject: Strength to Draw Upon 


Pray for Kings

Subject: Show Respect for Civil Officials 


Prayer and Fervency

Subject: Real Faith 


Prayer and Persistence

Subject: How to Pray 


Prayer and Seeking God

Subject: Hebrews 11:6 


Prayer and the Incense Altar



Prayer Does Make a Difference

Subject: Prayer for the Saints 


Prayer Makes a Difference

Subject: Asking According to God's Will 


Praying, Fasting, and Accepting God's Will

Subject: Aligning Ourselves With God 


Preempting God

Subject: Endtime Activism 


Preparations For Christ's Return

Subject: Are We Working Together With God? 



Subject: The 21st Century 


Prepare for Your Future Now

Subject: Be Not Deceived 


Prepare the Bride

Subject: Two Ways to Prepare for the Marriage 


Prepare to Teach

Subject: Attributes of a Good Teacher 


Prepare to Teach



Preparing for Bad Times (Part 1)

Subject: A Godly Duty 


Preparing for Bad Times (Part 2)

Subject: How To Prepare 


Preparing For The Feast

Subject: Physical And Spiritual Considerations 


Preparing for the Wedding

Subject: Why Preparation is Important 


Preparing Our Children For Salvation

Subject: God's Law, Discipline, and Setting the Example 


Preparing to be a Faithful Witness

Subject: The Lessons of Abel and Enoch 


Preparing to Be a Priest

Subject: Learning to Teach and Serve 


Preparing To Be King



Preparing to Lead



Preparing To Rule



Preparing to Rule (1993)

Subject: Behavior 


Preparing While Waiting For God

Subject: Peter's Pentecost Sermon 


Preparing Your Heart

Subject: Conversion 


Prerequisite to Agape Love

Subject: Pre-Passover Evaluation and Humility 



Subject: The Sin of Pride 


Preternatural, Natural, Unnatural, Supernatural (Part One)



Preternatural, Natural, Unnatural, Supernatural (Part Three)



Preternatural, Natural, Unnatural, Supernatural (Part Two)



Preventing Deception

Subject: How Not to Be Deceived 


Preventing the Warfare State



Pride, Humility, and Fasting

Subject: Why We Fast on Atonement 


Principled Living (Part Five): Witnessing of God

Subject: 'You Are My Witnesses' 


Principled Living (Part Four): Giving of Ourselves

Subject: Being Living Sacrifices 


Principled Living (Part One): Imitating Christ

Subject: Follow Me: The High Cost of Discipleship 


Principled Living (Part Seven): Enduring to the End

Subject: Courageous Resistance 


Principled Living (Part Six): Becoming Holy

Subject: Dare To Be Different! 


Principled Living (Part Three): Growing in Righteousness

Subject: Our Cooperative Effort With God 


Principled Living (Part Two): Conquering Sin

Subject: Declaring Total War on Sin 


Principles of Church Leadership



Principles of the Body

Subject: The Head Causes Growth 



Subject: Prioritizing Our Lives 


Privilege, Responsibility, and Judgment



Privilege, Responsibility, and Judgment (2008)



Privilege, Responsibility, and Judgment (2012)

Subject: Privilege Brings A Cost 


Privileges of the Family of God



Privileges of the Temple of God



Producing Fruit

Subject: Personal Growth and the Feast of Unleavened Bread 


Profanity (Part One)

Subject: Living Apart From God 


Profanity (Part Two)

Subject: Prioritizing the Holy 


Promised: Protection and Healing

Subject: Conditions to Consider 


Proofs of Christ's Resurrection

Subject: Scriptural, Historical, Logical Evidence 


Prophecy and Love in the Song of Songs

Subject: Christ and the Church 


Prophecy Fails

Subject: Keeping Prophecy in the Proper Perspective 


Prophets and Prophecy (Part 1)

Subject: What Is a Prophet? 


Prophets and Prophecy (Part 2)

Subject: Elijah and John the Baptist 


Prophets and Prophecy (Part 3)

Subject: The Axial Period 



Subject: The Steps to Prosperity 


Prosperity and a Challenge

Subject: Getting a Right Balance is Necessary 


Prosperity Through Obedience, Sacrifice, and Gratitude

Subject: God's Way to True Riches 


Prosperity: What Is True Wealth?

Subject: Godly Prosperity 


Protecting the Vulnerable

Subject: Deuteronomy 21:10-14 


Protection of the Mind

Subject: The Helmet of Salvation 


Prove All Things - Again

Subject: Pursing the Truth 


Prove Yourself A Man!

Subject: Manhood in the Church 



Subject: Exorcising Prudence In An Evil World 





Psalm 133

Subject: Unity 


Psalm 23 (Part One)

Subject: A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23 


Psalm 23 (Part Three)

Subject: Psalm 23:4-6 and Summary 


Psalm 23 (Part Two)

Subject: Psalm 23:2-3 The Shepherd Keeps the Flock Moving 


Psalm 55

Subject: Dealing With Betrayal 


Psalm 8: God's Majesty

Subject: Science and Technology Help us Clearly See God's Creation  


Psalm 8: What Is Man?



Psalms 90-100

Subject: An Overview of the End Time: Prophetic Psalms of Moses 


Psalms 90-100



Psalms: Book Five (Part Five): Psalm 119 (Part Two)

Subject: How I Love Your Law 


Psalms: Book Five (Part Four): Psalm 119 (Part One)

Subject: Variations on a Theme 


Psalms: Book Five (Part One): Psalms for the Winter Blues

Subject: Songs of Hope and Praise 


Psalms: Book Five (Part Six): Psalm 119 (Part Three)

Subject: A Way of Life 


Psalms: Book Five (Part Two): Psalms of Ascents

Subject: Songs of Our Pilgrimage 


Psalms: Book Five: (Part Three): The Hallel: Psalms of Praise

Subject: God's Redemption Acts 


Psalms: Book Four (Part Four): God as Creator

Subject: God's Power and Majesty in Creation 


Psalms: Book Four (Part One)



Psalms: Book Four (Part Three)



Psalms: Book Four (Part Two)



Psalms: Book Four: All His Benefits

Subject: Christ's Atoning Work 


Psalms: Book Four: He Is Coming!

Subject: Themes of Trumpets 


Psalms: Book One (Part Five)

Subject: Prophecies of Messiah 


Psalms: Book One (Part Four)

Subject: Delight in the Lord 


Psalms: Book One (Part One)

Subject: Blest and Happy Is the Man 


Psalms: Book One (Part Six)

Subject: Psalm 23 


Psalms: Book One (Part Three)

Subject: Trust In God 


Psalms: Book One (Part Two)

Subject: Why Do the Nations Rage? 


Psalms: Book Three (Part Five)

Subject: Dealing With A Rebellious Child 


Psalms: Book Three (Part Four)

Subject: Lessons of History 


Psalms: Book Three (Part One)

Subject: A Pall of Judgment 


Psalms: Book Three (Part Three)

Subject: God Is Judge 


Psalms: Book Three (Part Two)

Subject: A Prayer Amid Destruction  


Psalms: Book Two (Part Four)

Subject: The Non-David Psalms 


Psalms: Book Two (Part One)

Subject: Pentecost, Redemption, and Conversion 


Psalms: Book Two (Part Three)

Subject: A Survey of David's Trials 


Psalms: Book Two (Part Two)

Subject: Psalms of Faith in Trial 


Pure Language Restored



Purpose-Driven Acts of Conciliation



Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 1)

Subject: Why We Need to Be Aware of Them 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 2)

Subject: Men's Estimation of Themselves 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 3)

Subject: Its Sin is Idolatry 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 4)

Subject: Not Built On The Sayings Of Jesus Christ 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 5)

Subject: Tolerance and Conspiracies 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 6)

Subject: Conspiracies: Ancient and Modern 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 7)

Subject: How They Fit Into End Time Events 


Purpose-Driven Churches (Part 8)

Subject: Trumpets, The End Times, and Conviction 


Put On Jesus Christ

Subject: Walking Circumspectly In Our Christian Life 

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