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Sabbathkeeping (Part 1)

Subject: The Day's Importance 


Sabbathkeeping (Part 2)

Subject: Idolatry and Sabbath Breaking 


Sabbathkeeping (Part 3)

Subject: The Sabbath, the Bible, the Israel of God 


Sabbathkeeping (Part 4)

Subject: Principles of Keeping the Day 


Sacredness Of Marriage



Sacrifice and Offering

Subject: Offeratory 


Sacrificing to Build the Temple

Subject: Offertory 


Salt of the Earth






Samson and the Christian (Part 1)

Subject: Introduction: Philistine Oppression 


Samson and the Christian (Part 2)

Subject: Judges 13: Annunciation and Nazirite Vow 


Samson and the Christian (Part 3)

Subject: Judges 14: Themes and Foreshadowing 


Samson and the Christian (Part 4)

Subject: Judges 15: Consequences and Conversion 


Samson and the Christian (Part 5)

Subject: Judges 16: Delilah and Downfall 


Samson and the Christian (Part 6)

Subject: Finale and Lessons 


Sanctification and Holiness (Part 1)

Subject: We Are Called to Be Priests 


Sanctification and Holiness (Part 2)

Subject: Numbers 16 


Sanctification and Holiness (Part 3)

Subject: The Three Miracles of Numbers 16 & 17 


Sanctification and Holiness (Part 4)

Subject: What God Will Accept 


Sanctification and Holiness (Part 5)

Subject: Clean, Unclean, and the Wavesheaf Offering 


Sanctification and the Teens

Subject: Our Children are Acountable Too 


Sanctification, Teens, and Self-Control

Subject: Considering the End : Adolescent Invincibility Disorder Syndrome  


Sand Ramblers



Sandcastle Virtues



Satan (Part 1)

Subject: An Unseen Influence 


Satan (Part 2)

Subject: Satan, Our Enemy: Understanding Satan's Modus Operandi  


Satan (Part 3)

Subject: Demons 


Satan (Part 4)

Subject: Satan in the Church 


Satan (Part 5)

Subject: How to Overcome Him 


Satan's Lies About the Law



Satan's Pagan Holy Days



Satan's Secret Weapon

Subject: Overcoming Insecurity 


Satan, Division, and Humility

Subject: Satan Motivates Competition; Competition Motivates Division 


Scripture Fulfilled in Christ's Death



Secession (Part One): Is Separation Wrong?



Secession (Part Two): Spiritual Separation



Seeds and Seasons

Subject: Planting For a Future Harvest 


Seeds of Anger

Subject: Recognizing and Resolving Our Hidden AngerToward God 


Seedtime and Harvest



Seeing God in Creation (Part One)

Subject: Suppressing the Truth 


Seeing God in Creation (Part Three)

Subject: Mathematics and the #7 


Seeing God in Creation (Part Two)

Subject: Where Do We Put Our Faith? 


Seeing Is Believing

Subject: Adjusting Our Focus on the Spiritual Realm 


Seeing Sanctification as an Exciting Adventure



Seeing Through Spiritual Eyes

Subject: Looking At Rom 8:28 In Its Context 


Seek My Face



Seeking A New Home



Seeking God in the Mundane

Subject: The Sensational and Phenomenal Are Rare 


Seeking God's Will (Part Five): Goodness

Subject: Wisdom in What Is Good 


Seeking God's Will (Part Four): Sacrifice

Subject: God's Sacrificial Nature 


Seeking God's Will (Part One): Holiness

Subject: God's Character Is a Guide 


Seeking God's Will (Part Seven): Conclusion

Subject: All the Gifts We Need 


Seeking God's Will (Part Six): Forethought

Subject: Consider the End! 


Seeking God's Will (Part Three): Patience

Subject: Learning to Imitate God's Longsuffering 


Seeking God's Will (Part Two): Faithfulness

Subject: We Can Trust God 


Seeking the King

Subject: The Kingdom and Righteousness of God 


Seeking Wisdom During Trials

Subject: The Full Assurance of Faith, Hope and Understanding 



Subject: What Does it Produce? 


Self-Government (Part One)

Subject: Submitting to Every Ordinance 


Self-Government (Part Two)

Subject: We Are All Under God's Authority 


Self-Government and Responsibility (Part One)

Subject: Self-Government in the Church 


Self-Government and Responsibility (Part Three)

Subject: Individual Responsibility  


Self-Government and Responsibility (Part Two)

Subject: Responsibility of the Church 


Self-Government: Overcoming

Subject: Follow the Truth 


Sensitivity To Sin

Subject: Don't Lose The Ability To Blush At Sin 


Servant Attitude

Subject: Maintaining a Proper Godly Attitude 


Serving Others



Shane and Integrity



Sharing The Burden

Subject: Edifying The Edifice 


Sharpening the Countenance

Subject: A Look at Proverbs 27:17 


Shock and Awe - and Speed

Subject: Christ's Soon-Coming Campaign for Earth 


Should a Christian Go To War? (Part 1)

Subject: Supremacy, Obedience, and Faith 


Should a Christian Go To War? (Part 2)

Subject: Blood Guiltiness, Spiritual Citizenship, and Conscientious Objection 


Should All Believers Lay Hands on the Sick?

Subject: Authority, Gifting, and Responsibility 


Shouting Gleanings and Singing Olives (Part One)

Subject: The Worldwide Welcome of the Victorious King 


Shouting Gleanings and Singing Olives (Part Two)



Shrugging Off Scoffers (Part One)

Subject: 2 Peter 3:3-10 


Shrugging Off Scoffers (Part Two)

Subject: 2 Peter 3:11-18 Diligence 


Sight to the Blind

Subject: Gifts of God's Spirit 


Signs in the Heavens, and Earth Beneath

Subject: 6th Seal? 


Silence in Heaven

Subject: Prelude to the Seven Trumpets 


Sin (Part Four)

Subject: Sin and Warfare 


Sin (Part One)

Subject: Sin and Human Nature 


Sin (Part Three)

Subject: Where Does Sin Come From? 


Sin (Part Two)

Subject: Sin and Folly 


Sin Against God

Subject: All Sin Affects the Relationship 


Sin And Overcoming (Part 1): If Anyone Sins!

Subject: What Is Sin ? 


Sin and Overcoming (Part 3): The Battle For Eternal Life

Subject: Overcoming On Two Fronts 


Sin and Overcoming, (Part 2): What Is Sin Like?

Subject: Essential Reasons Why We Must Not Sin 


Sin Begets Sin

Subject: Leavening and Sin 


Sin Defined and Overcome



Sin: The Wall That Separates

Subject: Isaiah 59:2 


Sincerity and Truth (Part One)

Subject: Christ and God's Word 


Sincerity and Truth (Part Three)

Subject: Living the Truth 


Sincerity and Truth (Part Two)

Subject: A Life of Integrity 


Sincerity Without Truth Is Worthless

Subject: Zeal for God 


Sins in the Balance

Subject: Forgiving Like God 


Smooth Words

Subject: The Deceptions of the Beast 


Snakes Alive

Subject: Don't Tempt God 



Subject: Spirtual Traps 


So Far Away

Subject: Avoiding Harsh Judgments in Difficult Times 


Sodom and Egypt

Subject: The Culture of Israel 


Soldiers of Christ

Subject: Enduring to the End 


Something Fishy



Something to Remember



Sons of Thunder

Subject: Voice of God 


Sovereignty and 'Once Saved Always Saved'

Subject: Are We Guaranteed to Make It? 


Sovereignty and Choice

Subject: If God is Sovereign, Why Does Everything Matter? 


Sovereignty and Submission

Subject: Submitting to God 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Five)

Subject: Favor Is Given So We May Obey God's Law 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Four)

Subject: God's Intimate Knowledge 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part One)

Subject: God's sovereignty extends to all areas of life 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Seven)

Subject: The Meaning of Character 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Six)

Subject: God Does the Creating! 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Three)

Subject: Examples of Jeremiah and Jonah 


Sovereignty, Election, and Grace (Part Two)

Subject: God's Sovereignty and Our Spiritual Creation 


Sow for Yourself

Subject: Our Reward for Doing Good Works 


Sowing and Reaping

Subject: Offertory 


Speak With Care

Subject: Change the Heart, Guard the Tongue 


Spiritual Babies

Subject: Responding to Those Weak in the Faith 


Spiritual Blindness: Choosing a Curse



Spiritual Endurance

Subject: Our Spiritual Race 


Spiritual Fine Tuning



Spiritual Food Satisfies

Subject: Offertory 


Spiritual Identity Theft

Subject: Protecting Our Real Identity Within God's Family 


Spiritual Leitmotifs: Patterns of Seven

Subject: The recurring pattern of seven in both public and private revelation.  


Spiritual Leprosy in the End-Time Church

Subject: Purification of a Leper 


Spiritual Maturity

Subject: Exercising Righteousness 


Spiritual Milk

Subject: A Christians Need for Spiritual Milk 


Spiritual Minefields

Subject: Satanic Obstacles and How to Overcome Them 


Spiritual Procrastination

Subject: Physical and Spiritual Procrastination 


Spiritual Renewal



Spiritual Satisfaction

Subject: Rich Toward God 


Spirituality and True Conversion

Subject: The Deception of Worldly Spirituality 


Spotting False Teachers

Subject: Using Righteous Judgement 


Spring Holy Days, Overview

Subject: Passover & NTBMO & FOUB overview 


Squaring Our Joints Through Love

Subject: Building Tighter Bonds of Unity Through Love 


Stand Fast in a Changing World

Subject: We Live in a Time of Tremendous Change 


Stand Firm in the Truth




Subject: Maintaining God's Standard to Grow Our Faith 


Standing Before God's Judgement



Start Now to Begin Walking

Subject: Walking and a Cause as Metaphor 


Stay in Jerusalem

Subject: The Two Edicts 


Stay In The Ship

Subject: Trusting God For Deliverance  


Steadfast to the End

Subject: Increasing Our Faith 



Subject: The Biblical Meaning 


Stimulating a Spiritual Appetite

Subject: Scratching the Unreachable Itch 


Stony vs. Fleshy Heart

Subject: Changing Our Natures 


Stories From Deuteronomy

Subject: Learning From the Experiences of Israel 


Strengthening the Family

Subject: Strong Families Make a Strong Church 


Striking a Balance



Striving for Perfection

Subject: Being Fit for the Kingdom 


Studying the Bible

Subject: Prayer and Bible Study 



Subject: Do We Have too Much Stuff? 


Submitting (Part 1)

Subject: Bowing to God's Will 


Submitting (Part 2)

Subject: Culture 


Submitting to Sin?



Success in This World

Subject: Self-Improvement and Preparation 


Suffering Disgrace For Christ's Name

Subject: Acts 5:12-42 


Supreme Permanence and Value



Sweet Smelling Savor

Subject: Giving an Acceptable Offering 


Symbolism, Types, and Prophecies

Subject: Analysis of Zion 


Syncretic Use of the Cross

Subject: A pagan symbol cannot be 'Christianized' 

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