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Waiting Is Work

Subject: Abraham's Example 


Walk By Faith Not Fleece

Subject: Lessons From Gideon 


Walking in the Spirit

Subject: Where Do We Take the Spirit? 


Walking Through Babylon

Subject: A World Steeped in Paganism 


Walking With God

Subject: 5 Things Required For Walking With God 


Warfare and Obedience




Subject: Allies and Enemies 


Warning in the Wind

Subject: A Swarm of Spring Tornados 


Was Jesus a Vegetarian?



Was Jesus Christ's Body Broken?



Was Job Really Self-Righteous?



Was the Early Church Socialist or Communist?



Watch Whom You Hit With That Stick

Subject: Sin Has Consequences 


Watching With Care

Subject: God Loves His Creation, And He Is Watching 


Wavesheaf Day in the New Testament

Subject: Understanding 'the first day of the week' 


Wavesheaf Requirements and Joshua 5

Subject: More on Pentecost 2001 


We Are God's Building

Subject: The Story of the Church Building 


We Are Not Alone

Subject: God's Promises 


We Are Part of Something Special

Subject: Thankfulness and Appreciation for the Brethren 


We Are Unique!

Subject: Trust 


We Can Make It!



We Can Make It!



We Have an Advocate With the Father

Subject: Christ The Intercessor And Propitiation 


We Must Believe!

Subject: Believing the Invisible 


We Must Learn to Fly



We Must Work for What We Believe



We Shall Be God



We Shall Be Like a Tree



We Stick Together



We Still Need a Sense of Urgency

Subject: Trump's Win Does Not Give Us More Time 


We Will Serve the Lord!

Subject: Joshua, the Son of Nun 


Wealth and Power

Subject: Real Power and Wealth are in Righteousness 


Wealth and Righteousness

Subject: Offertory 


Wealth, Power, Control, and Freedom

Subject: Don't Be Enslaved 


What a Difference a Day Makes



What Are My Options?

Subject: The Necessity of Closing Doors 


What are You Doing with Your Calling?

Subject: Get to Work 


What Are You Going To Do About It?



What Are You Leaving?

Subject: The Letter to Ephesus 


What Are Your Big Rocks?

Subject: Putting First Things First 


What Did Nebuchadnezzar See?

Subject: Four Kingdoms or Five? 


What Did You Say?

Subject: Idle Words 


What Do We Do In Babylon?

Subject: Jeremiah 29:1-7 


What Do We Do Now?

Subject: Repentence/Passover Preparation 


What Do We Fear The Most?



What Do You Take For Granted?

Subject: God Provides In Our Wilderness Walk 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 1)

Subject: What Is Perfection? 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 2)

Subject: Keeping the Commandments 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 3)

Subject: Acts of Kindness 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 4)

Subject: Faithful Stewardship 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 5)

Subject: Practical Virtues 


What Does God Really Want? (Part 6)

Subject: The Work of the Holy Spirit 


What Does God Treasure?

Subject: The Pearl of Great Price 


What Does It Mean to 'Walk in the Spirit'?



What Does it Mean to Take Up the Cross?

Subject: Surrender, Denial, and Following Christ 


What Does It Take to Be a Hero?



What Does it Take to Survive?



What Every Christian Must Know

Subject: Forgiveness of Sins 


What Fills Your Jar?

Subject: The Four Letters of Time 


What Happened Between the Testaments?

Subject: Preparing the World For the Messiah 


What Happens Next

Subject: Pressing on Toward the Goal 


What Happens to Those Who Don't Obey the Gospel?



What I Believe About Conspiracy Theories

Subject: Satan's Influence 


What if You Are Betrayed?



What Is "Son of God"?



What Is 'My Way'?

Subject: Is God's Way Your Way? 


What is a False Prophet?

Subject: The Message, Not The Miracles 


What is Acceptable to the Lord



What Is Always True About the World?

Subject: Keeping Ourselves From Idolatry 


What is Atonement?

Subject: Covering, Wipe Away - Kippur 


What Is Christ's Hidden Treasure?



What Is Happening Is Ordained of God

Subject: Vent Your Outrage Righteously 


What is Important?



What Is Prayer?

Subject: Definition of Prayer 


What is the Book of Revelation?

Subject: The Appearance of Jesus Christ 


What Is the Church's Work Today (Part One)

Subject: What the Church Is 


What Is the Church's Work Today (Part Three)

Subject: Conclusion 


What Is the Church's Work Today (Part Two)

Subject: What We Are Involved in and What We Are Doing 


What Is the Work of God Now? (Part Five)

Subject: First Things First 


What Is the Work of God Now? (Part Four)

Subject: Solutions to Disunity 


What Is the Work of God Now? (Part One)

Subject: Is God's Work Just Preaching the Gospel? 


What Is the Work of God Now? (Part Three)

Subject: Why Disunity? 


What Is the Work of God Now? (Part Two)

Subject: Why Disunity? 


What Is the Work?

Subject: Faith 


What Is True Beauty?

Subject: Loving Righteousness and Holiness 


What is Truth?



What Is Truth?

Subject: Accepting Reality 


What Is Your Calling Worth?



What Is Your Game?

Subject: Idolatry 


What is Your Motive for Serving God?

Subject: Why Be Righteous? 


What Makes for a Good Feast of Tabernacles?



What Mean You by This Service?

Subject: Learning the Pattern of Submission 


What Might It Do for You?

Subject: Reasoning with God 


What the Holy Spirit Does



What the Holy Spirit Does (2005)

Subject: The Actions of the Holy Spirit 


What the Sacrifices Mean

Subject: They Are Intended For Us 


What to Do in Babylon



What Type of Leader Are You?

Subject: Servant Leadership 


What We Can Learn from Booths

Subject: A Yearly Reminder of Our Pilgrim Status 


What We Can Learn From This Day of Atonement

Subject: Justification, Reconciliation, Sanctification 


What Will You Do?

Subject: Doing Nothing 


What Worries You?

Subject: Staying Focused Through A Sea of Despair 


What Would Jesus Do?



What Would You Die For?

Subject: The True Christian Martyr 


What You Feel vs. What You Believe

Subject: Jacob's Emotions and Israel's Faith 


What's in It for Me?



What's in Your Fruit Stand?

Subject: Producing the Fruit of the Spirit 


What's Love Got to Do With It?



What's So Bad About Babylon? (1997)

Subject: Present Day Evil 


What's So Bad About Babylon? (2003) (Part 1)

Subject: Babylon's Foundation Exposed 


What's So Bad About Babylon? (2003) (Part 2)

Subject: Babylon's Corrupt Foundation 


What's So Bad About Babylon? (2013) (Part One)

Subject: It Is Upon Us 


What's So Bad About Babylon? (2013) (Part Three)

Subject: Babylon in Prophecy Today 


What's So Bad About Babylon? (2013) (Part Two)

Subject: What Is and What's Coming Up 


What's So Bad About Busybodies?

Subject: Why Meddling Is Sin 


What's So Bad About Valentines Day?

Subject: Reasons Christians Should Flee Its Observance 


What's the Problem?

Subject: Understanding Physical, Spiritual, and Psychological Problems 


What's Wrong With 'Here Comes the Groom'?

Subject: Dating and Marriage 


What's Wrong With Christmas?

Subject: Worship in Spirit and Truth 


What's Wrong With the Kids?



What's Your Attitude?

Subject: The Importance of Our Overall Perspective 


What's Your Attitude? (2009)

Subject: The Approach of a Hero 


What's Your Function?

Subject: Routing Out Sinful Dysfunction From Our Fellowship 


Whatever Became of Sin?

Subject: Defining Deviancy Down 


Whatever Happened To Gnosticism?

Subject: Knowledge Falsely So Called 


Whatever We Ask

Subject: Confidence In Prayer 


Whatsoever Your Heart Desires



When Emotions Take Over

Subject: How Do You Deal With Anger? 


When Our Change Comes

Subject: A Life of Transformation 


When Pentecost Was Fully Come

Subject: Sunday or Monday? 


When the Trumpet Blows



When Tolerance is Intolerable

Subject: Separation from Sinners 


When We Come to Ourselves

Subject: Working Out Our Own Salvation 


Where Can I Flee From Your Presence?

Subject: God is Omnipresent 


Where Did The Original Apostles Go?

Subject: God Has Not Cast Away His People 


Where Do We Fit?



Where Does Righteousness Come From?

Subject: A Look at Job 


Where God Places His Name (Part One)



Where God Places His Name (Part Two)



Where is Beauty?

Subject: Looking Through God's Eyes 


Where is Simeon?

Subject: Tracking the Tribe of Simeon 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Eight)

Subject: More Characteristics of the Woman 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Eleven)

Subject: Israel and the Woman 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Five)

Subject: The Identity of the Woman 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Four)

Subject: Symbols of Women 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Nine)

Subject: Prostitution in the Bible 


Where Is the Beast? (Part One)

Subject: The Divergence of the U.S. and E.U. 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Seven)

Subject: Do We Believe God? 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Six)

Subject: Attributes of Israel 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Ten)

Subject: Series Summary 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Three)

Subject: The Woman of Revelation 12 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Twelve)

Subject: The Conclusion: Babylon's End 


Where Is the Beast? (Part Two)

Subject: Rome and Babylon 


Where Is the Bride?



Where Is Your Heart?



Where Is Your Ultimate Allegiance?

Subject: Persecution and Civil Disobedience 


Where the Eagles Are Gathered

Subject: A Shameful Judgement on the Rebellious 


Where Your Treasures Are?

Subject: Treasures of the House Determines Our Focus and We Serve 


Who Am I?



Who Are 'The Many'?

Subject: Building Up God's Agape Love 


Who Are the Firstfruits?

Subject: The Purpose From the Beginning 


Who Are We and Where Do We Fit (Part Two)



Who Are We and Where Do We Fit? (Part One)



Who Are You?



Who Deserves Our Loyalties?



Who Is on the Lord's Side?

Subject: We Must Choose 


Who Is Responsible For Sin?

Subject: The Word of God vs. Traditions of Men 


Who Is the 'God of This World'? (Part One)

Subject: Spiritual Blindness 


Who Is the 'God of This World'? (Part Two)



Who Is the Israel of God?



Who Is To Blame?

Subject: The Rape of Dinah 


Who is Your Superhero?



Who Needs a Minister?

Subject: Respect for the Ministry 


Who Needs Authority?

Subject: Obedience to God's Delegated Authority 


Who the Two Witnesses Are NOT

Subject: Refuting a Common Interpretation 


Who Then Is In The Kingdom Of Heaven?



Who Was Herbert W. Armstrong?

Subject: To Reject God's Messenger Is to Reject God  


Who Were Jannes and Jambres?

Subject: Those Who Oppose God 


Who Will Be Kept From the Hour of Trial?

Subject: Christ's Command to Persevere 


Who's Sending the Looters?



Whoever Loves and Practices a Lie



Whom the Lord Loves He Chastens (Part One)

Subject: Why God Disciplines His Children 


Whom the Lord Loves He Chastens (Part Two)

Subject: How God Disciplines His Children 


Whose Morality Are We Following?

Subject: God's Morality and Ethics 


Why 153?



Why Are We Afflicted?

Subject: Affliction In A Proper Perspective 


Why Are We Called To Overcome?

Subject: Our Awesome Calling and Future as God's Offspring  


Why Are We Here?

Subject: We Are Here to Follow Christ 


Why Are We Here? (2004)

Subject: Captivity and Regathering 


Why Are We Living In A Democracy



Why Are You Here?

Subject: God's Sovereignty in Choosing and Placing Us  


Why Be Industrious?



Why Be Industrious?



Why Count Fifty Days?

Subject: Redeeming the Time 


Why Did God Command Israel to Go to War?

Subject: Exercising Lawful Civil Authority 


Why Did God Forsake Jesus Christ?



Why Did You Leave?

Subject: Knitting Ourselves to God Through the Body 


Why Do We Fear?

Subject: Fear of the Unknown and God's Peace 


Why Do You Feel Entitled?

Subject: Falling into the Entitlement Trap 


Why Does God Keep Secrets?

Subject: Reflective Thinking/God's Teaching Techniques  


Why Is God Doing This, This Way?



Why is Hope Delayed?

Subject: It is in God's Control 


Why is Life So Hard?

Subject: Many Tribulations 


Why Many Do Not Understand

Subject: God Must Open the Mind 


Why Must Satan Be Released?



Why Study Prophecy?

Subject: The Importance of Prophecy 


Why the Last Great Day?

Subject: A Day of Magnitude 


Why the Transfiguration?



Why Three Kings Are Missing From Matthew 1

Subject: Endurance 


Why Wasn't Jesus Christ Crucified at the Start of Passover?



Why We Do Not Vote

Subject: Our Fight Is Not Political 


Why We Observe Passover and the Days of Unleavened Bread

Subject: Putting the Focus Back on God 


Why We Tithe (Part 1)

Subject: The Spirit of the Law 


Why We Tithe (Part 2)

Subject: Growing in Giving 


Why We Tithe (Part 3)

Subject: The Tithes 


Why Work?



Why Work?

Subject: To Enable One To Give 



Subject: God Does Not Owe Us an Explanation 


Wilderness Wandering (Part Five)

Subject: The Purpose of Suffering 


Wilderness Wandering (Part Four)

Subject: Our Journey Through Suffering With Christ 


Wilderness Wandering (Part One)

Subject: A Foundation For Our Pilgrimage 


Wilderness Wandering (Part Three)

Subject: The Journey Moves One 


Wilderness Wandering (Part Two)



Wilderness Wanderings (Part One)



Wilderness Wanderings (Part Three) - Handpicked Children



Wilderness Wanderings (Part Two)



Will Activist Judges Be Allowed In God's Kingdom?



Will God Shorten the Day of the Tribulation?



Will Jesus Be Ashamed of You?

Subject: Are You Ashamed of God's Way of Life? 


Will You Be Accounted Worthy for the Kingdom?

Subject: Accountability 


Willingness to Believe

Subject: Cultivating a Ready Heart 


Wind and God's Spirit

Subject: The Spirit 


Winners Never Quit, Quitters Never Win

Subject: Enduring Unto the End! 


Wisdom: Only Through The Grace of God



With Hands Raised

Subject: Surrendering To God In Prayer 


Withering an Unfruitful Tree

Subject: Faith in the End Time 


Without a Parable

Subject: An Ingredient Missing in Many Judgments 


Without Natural Affection



Wonderful Women



Words of Life, Words of Death

Subject: Cognitive Distortions 


Words Should Never Hurt Us

Subject: Our Response To Idle Words 


Words Versus Images

Subject: We Learn God's Way Through Words 


Words Without Knowledge

Subject: The Words of God are Knowledge! 


Work Out Your Own Salvation



Works are Required

Subject: God Works and we Must Work 


Works of God

Subject: God's Work Is Salvation 


Works of the Flesh

Subject: Under Human Nature's Influence 


World Religions



Worship and Culture (Part One)

Subject: What Is Acceptable Worship? 


Worship and Culture (Part Two)

Subject: New Testament Instructions 


Worship in Spirit and Truth



Worshipping in Spirit and in Truth

Subject: Our Response to Our Superior 


Worthy to Take the Scroll

Subject: Why John Wept Much 


Would Our God Do That?



Wrestling With Our Brother

Subject: Competing Against Each Other 


Wrong Ideas


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