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Bible verses about Art
(From Nave's Topical Bible)

-PRIMITIVE .Invention of musical instruments and instruments of iron and copper (A. V., brass) Genesis 4:21, 22 .Carpentry Genesis 6:14-16; Exodus 31:2-9 .Of the apothecary or perfumer Exodus 30:25, 35 .Of the armorer I Samuel 8:12 .Of the baker Genesis 40:1; I Samuel 8:13 .Of the barber Isaiah 7:20; Ezekiel 5:1 .Of the brickmaker Exodus 5:7, Genesis 11:3; 8, 18 .Of the calker Ezekiel 27:9, 27 .Of compounding confections I Samuel 8:13 .Of the gardener Jeremiah 29:5; John 20:15 .Of the goldsmith Isaiah 40:19 .Of the mariner Ezekiel 27:8, 9 .Of the mason II Samuel 5:11; II Chronicles 24:12 .Of the musician I Samuel 18:6; I Chronicles 15:16 .Of the potter Isaiah 64:8; Jeremiah 18:3; Lamentations 4:2; Zechariah 11:13 .Of the refiner of metals I Chronicles 28:18; Malachi 3:2, 3 .Of the ropemaker Judges 16:11 .Of the stonecutter Exodus 20:25; I Chronicles 22:15 .Of the shipbuilder I Kings 9:26 .Of the smelter of metals Job 28:2 .Of the spinner Exodus 35:25; Proverbs 31:19 .Of the tailor Exodus 28:3 .Of the tanner Acts 9:43; 10:6 .Of the tentmaker Genesis 4:20; Acts 18:3 .Of the weaver Exodus 35:35; John 19:23 .Of the winemaker Nehemiah 13:15; Isaiah 63:3 .Of the writer Judges 5:14

-ARTISANS, SKILLFUL .Jubal Genesis 4:21 .Tubal-cain Genesis 4:22 .Bezaleel and Aholiab Exodus 31:2-14; 35:30-35 .Hiram I Kings 7:13-51; II Chronicles 2:13, 14 .For the various arts practised, and products manufactured, in ancient times .See APOTHECARY .See BEATEN WORK .See BRASS .See BREAD .See BRICK .See CARPENTRY .See CARVING .See CONFECTIONER .See COPPER .See DRAWING .See DYEING .See EMBROIDERY .See ENGRAVING .See FULLER .See GOLDSMITH .See LAPIDARY .See LEATHER .See LIME .See MASON .See MASTER WORKMAN .See MOLDING .See MUSIC .See PAINTING .See PAPER .See PARCHMENT .See PICTURES .See POTTERY .See ROPES .See SHIPS .See SILK .See SILVERSMITH .See SMITH .See SOAP .See SPINNING .See SUN-DIAL .See TAPESTRY .See TAILORING .See TENTS .See WEAVING .See WINE


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