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1 Corinthians 3:9

God's fellow-workers (qeou sunergoi). This old word (co-workers of God) has a new dignity here. God is the major partner in the enterprise of each life, but he lets us work with him. Witness the mother and God with the baby as the product.

God's husbandry (qeou gewrgion). God's tilled land (gh, ergon). The farmer works with God in God's field. Without the sun, the rains, the seasons the farmer is helpless.

God's building (qeou oikodomh). God is the Great Architect. We work under him and carry out the plans of the Architect. It is building (oikov, house, demw, to build). Let us never forget that God sees and cares what we do in the part of the building where we work for him.

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