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Ephesians 6:20

For which I am an ambassador in chains (uper ou presbeuw en alusei). "For which mystery" of the gospel (verse Ephesians 6:19). Presbeuw is an old word for ambassador (from presbuv, an old man) in N.T. only here and II Corinthians 5:20. Paul is now an old man (presbuthv, Philemon 1:9) and feels the dignity of his position as Christ's ambassador though "in a chain" (en alusei, old word alusiv, from a privative and luw, to loosen). Paul will wear a chain at the close of his life in Rome (II Timothy 1:16).

In it (en autw). In the mystery of the gospel. This is probably a second purpose (ina), the first for utterance (ina doqh), this for boldness (ina parrhsiaswmai, first aorist middle subjunctive, old word to speak out boldly). See I Thessalonians 2:2. See Colossians 4:4 for "as I ought."

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