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Strong's #1161: de (pronounced deh)

a primary particle (adversative or continuative); but, and, etc.:--also, and, but, moreover, now (often unexpressed in English).

Thayer's Greek Lexicon:



1) but, moreover, and, etc.

Part of Speech: conjunction

Relation: a primary particle (adversative or continuative)


This word is used 2843 times:

Matthew 7:15: "in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
Matthew 7:17: "bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil"
Matthew 8:1: " When he was come down from the mountain, great multitudes"
Matthew 8:5: " And when Jesus was entered into Capernaum, there came unto him a centurion,"
Matthew 8:10: " When Jesus heard it, he marveled, and said to them that followed, Verily"
Matthew 8:11: " And I say unto you, That many shall come from the east"
Matthew 8:12: " But the children of the kingdom shall be cast out into outer"
Matthew 8:16: " When the even was come, they brought unto him many that were possessed with devils: and"
Matthew 8:18: " Now when Jesus saw great multitudes about him, he gave commandment"
Matthew 8:20: "of the air have nests; but the Son of man hath"
Matthew 8:21: " And another of his disciples said unto him, Lord, suffer"
Matthew 8:22: " But Jesus said unto him, Follow me; and let"
Matthew 8:24: "with the waves: but he was asleep."
Matthew 8:27: " But the men marveled, saying, What manner of man is this,"
Matthew 8:30: " And there was a good way off from them an herd of many swine"
Matthew 8:31: " So the devils besought him, saying, If thou cast us out,"
Matthew 8:32: "he said unto them, Go. And when they were come out, they went into the"
Matthew 8:33: " And they that kept them fled, and went their ways into the city,"
Matthew 9:6: " But that ye may know that the Son of man hath"
Matthew 9:8: " But when the multitudes saw it, they marveled, and glorified God,"
Matthew 9:12: " But when Jesus heard that, he said unto them, They that be whole need"
Matthew 9:13: " But go ye and learn what that meaneth, I will have mercy, and"
Matthew 9:14: "Pharisees fast oft, but thy disciples fast not?"
Matthew 9:15: "the bridegroom is with them? but the days will come,"
Matthew 9:16: " No man putteth a piece of new cloth unto an old"
Matthew 9:22: " But Jesus turned him about, and when he saw her, he said, Daughter,"
Matthew 9:25: " But when the people were put forth, he went in, and took her"
Matthew 9:28: " And when he was come into the house, the blind men came"
Matthew 9:31: " But they, when they were departed, spread abroad his fame in all that"
Matthew 9:32: " As they went out, behold, they brought to him a dumb man"
Matthew 9:34: " But the Pharisees said, He casteth out devils through the"
Matthew 9:36: " But when he saw the multitudes, he was moved with compassion on them, because"
Matthew 9:37: "harvest truly is plenteous, but the laborers are few;"
Matthew 10:2: " Now the names of the twelve apostles are these;"
Matthew 10:6: " But go rather to the lost sheep of the house of Israel."
Matthew 10:7: " And as ye go, preach, saying, The kingdom of heaven is at hand."
Matthew 10:11: " And into whatsoever city or town ye shall enter,"
Matthew 10:12: " And when ye come into a house, salute it."
Matthew 10:13: "come upon it: but if it be not worthy, let your"
Matthew 10:17: " But beware of men: for they will deliver you up to"
Matthew 10:18: "And ye shall be brought before governors and kings for my sake,"
Matthew 10:19: " But when they deliver you up, take no thought how or"
Matthew 10:21: " And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father"
Matthew 10:22: "of all men for my name's sake: but he that endureth to"
Matthew 10:23: " But when they persecute you in this city, flee"
Matthew 10:28: "not them which kill the body, but are not able to kill"
Matthew 10:28: "able to kill the soul: but rather fear him which is able"
Matthew 10:30: " But the very hairs of your head are all"
Matthew 10:33: " But whosoever shall deny me before men, him"
Matthew 11:2: " Now when John had heard in the prison the works"

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