Should a Christian Take Acting or Drama Classes?

The Bible itself is virtually silent on the subject (but see Galatians 2:13 where some "played the hypocrite," meaning acted a part; also I Samuel 21:10-15 where David "feigned madness," translated in the New American Standard version as "acted insanely"). However, as a general rule, it is not the thing that is wrong, but the misuse of a thing that makes it unsuitable.

This principle would apply to stage acting and drama. Acting, as such, is not wrong. It depends upon what is being acted out and whether or not it is beneficial and uplifting. Church members occasionally perform skits and musicals in church talent contests and variety shows. A drama class may teach certain public speaking skills that could certainly be beneficial.

Practically speaking, however, morality and godly living is rarely a consideration in acting and drama classes. From time to time, those studying acting would likely be asked to portray liars, thieves, murderers, and the like, and to use foul language. They might also be instructed to act out adulterous or licentious situations. A person should also consider the fact that performances of plays often conflict with properly keeping the Sabbath.

Because of these drawbacks, we encourage people to carefully weigh all the relevant factors when making a decision about taking drama and acting classes.

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