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biblestudy: Acts (Part 5)

Acts 3-4:4 Apostles' Witness Brings Conflict With Established Authority
John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 23-Aug-88; Sermon #BS-AC05; 82 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh highlights how the witness of the apostles, particularly miraculous healings performed in the name of Jesus Christ, brought them into conflict with the established Jewish leaders, the entrenched Sadducees and the Sanhedrin. Peter used the startling impact of these healings to draw attention to the fulfilled prophecies pertaining to Jesus—the source of the healing power—whom the crowds Peter was addressing had crucified in ignorance. As the veil of ignorance is lifted, they (and we) have the responsibility to act on this knowledge of culpability in His crucifixion and fully repent—undergo a total change of life. Focusing on his predominantly Jewish audience, he affirms that belief in the prophecies of the Old Testament will lead to belief in Christ. Being in Him makes us heirs of the promises to Abraham.

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Change of life David's dynasty Erase Forgiveness of sins Fulfilled prophecy Ink Name of Christ Power in name of Jesus Prophecies of Christ Promises of Abraham Repentance Responsibility Sadducees Times of establishment Samuel Times of refreshing Times of restoration Turning away from the world Witness and conflict

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