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biblestudy: Angelic Responsibilities

Martin G. Collins
Given 31-Jul-10; Sermon #BS-1004; 58 minutes

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Isaiah 14 describes the creation of Helel, a magnificent archangel before iniquity was found in him. The creation of the earth took place before the rebellion of Satan and the demons. Originally, the earth was created in an orderly fashion, not tohu and bohu, but after the rebellion, it became for a time chaotic, without form and void, a result of violation of law. Angelic sin brought about the devastating corruption before the creation of Adam. Demonic angels, led by Satan the devil, still rule this world. Sadly, the angels had been designed to be messengers of God, assisting Him with the task of creation. Angels were endowed with the capacity to think, reason, and form attitudes. Their function was to be God's messengers and ministers to His creation. Angels mete out punishment and destruction on sinners. On the other hand, to God's elect, they bring guidance, comfort, protection, and deliverance.

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