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biblestudy: Abraham (Part 10)

John W. Ritenbaugh
Given 03-Apr-90; Sermon #BS-AB10; 77 minutes

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John Ritenbaugh ponders the qualifier "righteous" when applied to Lot. Unlike Abraham who separated himself from sinful society, Lot seemed to involve himself in the affairs of the perverted city, arrogating to himself the role of a judge, attempting to change the behavior of the people- but nevertheless, attempting to co-exist with sin. Evidently Lot's close proximity to the evil behavior, while not corrupting him personally, gave him a somewhat confused divided attention, compromising the safety and morality of his family, leading him to prostitute his principles to gain favor of the world. When communicating with God, Lot, unlike Abraham, equivocated with God's instructions, looking for conditions and escape clauses, showing him to be a very self-centered, worldly wise, carnal Christian, attached to or compromised by the values of the corrupt world.

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Abimelech Amman Church Closeness of spirit Code of conduct Deceit Egypt Elbert Hubbard Equivocating Fear Fellowship Hagar Incest Justification Lingering Lot Lot's choice Lot's wife Moab Philistine Principle Reception of guests Sarah Sodom and Gomorrah Uncircumcised Worldly wisdom

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